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Salary in Spain

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Hello, How much Salary can get a Civil Engineer in Madrid, Spain.


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    The salary varies depending on the experience, the work, additional technical requirements, skills, etc. ..

    But we could say that for someone without experience or a newcomer with little experience (maximum 2 years), the salary is around € 18,000 annual gross minimum and € 24,000 gross annual, maximum.

    After every year the salary increases enough to reach a salary between € 40,000 and € 50,000 annual gross (12-15years).
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    Hello, can you answer to us: what is the average annual salary in spain?
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    i do no knoe but think its around 200E a week
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    How much is the average salary for a Network Engineer (I.T.) in Spain. I just want to apply and look for a job.
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    one of my friends showed me a helpful site to look at,8.htm -- let me know if you have any other good suggestions to research because it will help us all to get a good pay info
  • according to my personal research, In Spain 16.7 million workers receives a gross annual salary of 13,400 euros while the national average gross annual salary is 18, 087 euros..
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    Hello, I badly need your help.. Im jennifer a filipino having a recidency here in dubai working as a Civil Engineer for 3 years.. i just received an offer from Chevron Espana S.A company (which is a company based in spain) and they are offering me a salary of 11,950 Euros and very good benifits which i believe its imposible.. Kindly please advise me if this could be posible.
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    hi jenee, plz help me to understand. I got exactly the same offer! whats the deal ? have tried to get this job or contacted the Europe travel zone?
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    Hello,I was also offered the same,from Chevron Espana S.A,Madrid, Spain.May I know if this company really exist.I was offered another job before with the same confidential questionaier,that time for Arica,from Sell company.Ps inform us immediately.Thank you very much.
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    This is a Fake company, I was also got offer for the same
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    This is a fake company i already got the same offer. I request to all friends donot believe.
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