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do u need a visa to go to tenerife on a ghanian passport?

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i have been searching different websites. but they havent made it easy.
my partner is a resident in the uk but has a ghanian passport.
we would like to go on a famaily holiday to tenerife for a week with the kids. we all have british passports and from what i have read we would not need a visa as the stay will be under 3 months but i think my partner does as his passbook is ghanian but we are not sure how to go about it.


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    we are going on a cruise round the canarries we have a polish girl who is a resident in the uk but has a polish passport
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    Hello, mummi! First, let's clarify something, since you are a UK citizen you don't need a visa for Spain at all, even if you stay more than 3 months here, because you are a EU citizen. Your partner will need a visa with a Ghanian passport. He can apply for it in England at the Spanish embassy or a Spanish consulate. I would suggest you to call the Spanish embassy in London for details:

    Enjoy your trip!

    Greetings from Madrid, Spain! :)
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    Hi, im a usa resident with polish passport, would i need a visa to travel to ghana as a tourist?
    Thank you
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