Is Thailand safe?



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    I am planning a honeymoon travel to Thailand during early Feb. Will that be safe?
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    Amar, Thailand is really safe and you shouldn't have any trouble there. Most of the political demonstrations only involve Thai people and they steer clear of foreigners because the tourist trade is incredibly important for the Thai economy. Also if you're going on honeymoon to Thailand then you'll more than likely be at one of the beach or resort areas...any riots and political issues that are going to happen generally take place in either Bangkok or Chiang Mai.
    The one safety issue that all tourists to Thailand need to be aware of is falling prey to scam, scam artists, pickpockets and being a victim of petty theft.
    Choose a reputable hotel, check the locks, and lock your valuables away in the hotel safe. When you're out be aware of your bag and don't carry all your money in one place, rather keep some in your pocket and some in a travel wallet etc... As for tourist scams in Thailand, just try to shop around before buying a ticket or tour...get used to the prices and bargain with the tour agents.
    Lastly, relax, enjoy and have fun. Thailand is a wonderful country with many wonderful people.
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    Thailand in general is safe, but the thai people a little wild. if you respect them they will like you and friendely, but if you are not they will be unsafe. takecare
    i used to visit thailand 2 times in my life. it is a beautifull countrey ;) i advice you to visit it
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    Thailand is the most dangerous place in the world. Please read Bangkok post crime story before you leave your country.
    Thailand is a country that really depends on tourist dollars to survive. Therefore they will always display an unrealistic portrayal of life there to attract western tourists. The pictures of beautiful women and beautiful islands and sunshine are an artificial facade to hide the truth of real life in Thailand. I was in Bangkok and it was not sunny but the air was thick with pollution. There were no beautiful women, only cheap low class women disgustingly showing what they wanted to sell.
  • Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world.
  • Yes,Thailand is totally safe because there is no violation at present and any of the other case in the matters of tourist.I,m also a tourist and travel many times to Thailand in its different places.I love beaches especially of Bangkok.In my any tour of Thailand never been there miss happening with me.I like this safe place. 
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    Sorry to disagree Jerry but Thailand is not totally safe. The Thai government activated the Internal Security Act on 19 March 2014 this replaced the State of Emergency that had been in force for some time. Actions under the Internal Security Act includes curfews, operation of checkpoints,restriction of movement, searching for weapons and the use of force in the case of violence.

    Governments do not use law enforcement and extra military powers in "safe countries". 
  • I agree with you Alethia but mostly place in Thailand is safe and on that base i said that its safe place for the tourist..
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