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Passport expiry question about Thailand

edited January 2011 in - Thailand
I am arriving on the 7th May to Phuket and my passport runs out on the 30th November which is 7 mnths but i am worried that they will say its only 6 mnths i would get another passport but i am changing my name and it costs to get another!


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    When are you leaving Thailand? Have a look at the Wordtravels visa and passport requirements page. Generally a passport needs to be valid for six months beyond your date of departure from the country you're visiting, not your date of arrival. If you want to err on the safe side then apply for a pre-approved visa rather than just getting a visa upon arrival. If you have the visa in your passport then they ought to let you into Thailand without any hassles.
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    is it true that you have to have a vaild passport for at least 6 months to travel to Thailand.
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