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expired german passport

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I have already booked a holiday that leaves on monday the 23rd of february. I only noticed yesterday that my passport expires on the 19th of february. I have read in certain blogs and websites that (german passports in particular) sometimes within the EU, if your passport has been invalid for less than a year, they still let you travel. Is this true? If not, what are my options? i am a German living in the UK and don't know if I can produce documents needed for renewal at suuch short notice. Are there any temprorary or emergency solutions?


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    You need to travel with a valid passport, if it is out of date, the flight companies are in their right not to let you travel, these are the official rules. Of course, you can try to travel with an expired passport, and maybe it will work, but you are taking a risk. The best thing, it is to phone the German embassy in UK and ask them if they can do an official paper for you saying that you are renewing the passport in order to avoid any problems.
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    I hope that they have such documents. I will probably need to go in person and provied certain documents as well, such as birth certificate etc which i don't have to hand in the next few days..Can I go to a consulate as oppose to an embassy? The nearest embassy is in London and I am newcastle, whereas there is a consulate in Edinburgh.
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    You should apply for a temporary passport which can generally be issued at short notice, although costs quite a bit. Your current password will probably not be accepted by either the airline or customs officials.
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    ok, thanks alot guys
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