Can unmarried couple stay on the room in egypt?

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Im a US citizen travelling to egypt with my girlfriend, just wondering if they let unmarried couple stay together in hotels in cairo??


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    Dear Mr teeman
    its no problem being unmarried staying at hotels at egypt
  • do not worry they will never say not :-)))

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    sameh, my boyfriend says, we cannot stay in one room in egypt hotel because he is egyptian..
    he told me, hotel personnel would ask for marriage documents and all...
    please inligthen me
  • if he is Egyptian yes he can not stay with you in one room at the hotel
    but he can make marriage documents and its easy ...

    tell me to where you will go ? i mean which city to help you
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    Hi Sameh,
    What about if my boyfriend is not egyptian can I stay with him in the same room.
    Note that I am Egyptian.
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    I am of Egyptian origin (look and name!) but will be travelling using my British passport. Will i be allowed to stay in the same room with my British fiancee?
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    No I believe that you won't have any problem. Egypt is not as strict as other countries in this area. But maybe you can drop a call before you go. online poker machines

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