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Is it safe to hire a bicycle in Thailand? We are going to Chiang Mai and thought that we might like to cycle? Also to hire a motor bike do you need an international license or will a normal british one do?


  • Hiring a bicylce is safe for riding around Chiang Mai. On highways, particularly hilled rides and mountain roads, trucks and busses drive very fast with a penchant for passing on blind corners. I would not recommend venturing to Pai on a bycicle from Chaing Mai. Motorbikes are a different story. You do not need any liscence to drive in Thailand. You will probably have to give your passport as collateral until the motorbike is returned. Sometimes one passport is good for several bikes. Be careful if driving on dirt roads, some rental companies will charge a lot for little damaged bikes.
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    just a warning: scooters are generally what you rent in thailand and you have to be very careful riding them - the small wheels don't give you much balance or grip and any pothole or rut in the road will send you flying! been there, done that...
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    Cycling is safe in Thailand, the drivers are quite polite to bikes. It is more scary in a car than on a bike. Hire bikes in Chiang Mai tend to be cheap quality, so don't plan on touring, they are suitable for short rides around the city and surroundings.
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