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teaching in hong kong

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I am wanting to teach in Hong Kong as a qualified teacher for a year and my visa will be arranged by my school. However, I want my partner to come with me. He does not have a pre-arranged job but would want to get something in his field while he was there, or even work in a voluntary capacity for a charity. Can anyone tell me what his visa requirements would be and how they would differ from mine. Would he actually be allowed a visa without work? Thanks!


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    Generally speaking, most western countries passport holder can enjoy visa free to visit HK within a certain period, however, working in HK will need working visa and different nationalities may have different requirement.

    To avoid my misinterpretation, you may visit the official link of the HK Immigration Department below, which could provide more detail information, hope you will find it useful.
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    Your family members can get a Z visa, according to the visa rules specified on the offical website of Chinese government. You had better contact the school and they can do this for you.
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    Do you know of any bank that issues PRE PAID credit cards to Foreigners? A prepaid credit card that can book Hotels worldwide? Any banks in Hongkong that offer Prepaid Credit Cards? I am used to a cashless society because I live in Australia however do not want to shop with a regular credit card. I want a pre credit card.
  • During the olympic games, there is Great Wall Prepaid Card issued by Bank of China.
    But I am not sure whether it is still available now. You may try contacting the Customer Service Center.
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