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Visa question for Australia

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I am traveling as of Nov.27th, (from Canada) first to Japan then on to Australia.
Can I fill out a form online for my Visa and pick it up in the Australian embassy in Tokyo?


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    GranJan - as a Canadian passport holder you are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authority. You can get your visa on line at: - easy peasy!
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    Yes, I know I can get a Visa. My question was: Can I fill out a form online for my Visa and pick it up in the Australian embassy in Tokyo? Thanks.
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    Sorry I think you misunderstood me. You are eligible for an electronic visa - this means you don't need to pick it up anywhere!! It will be given to you via email and you take a copy of this with you when you enter Australia. It will already be entered into the Immigration computer and they will verify your particulars when you arrive.
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    I totally misunderstood you as I am not too savvy in the electronic world.
    Thanks for clarifying. I'll ask my granddaughter to go over the site with me.
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it.

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    Please and I hope you enjoy your vacation
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    Lesley is correct. For anyone who is reading this, an Australian Visa (or ETA) is valid for 12 months, allowing multiple entries into Australia on one visa. So you can purchase it even if it's you aren't arriving into Australia for multiple weeks or months. And, yes, it's electronic, so you can purchase it from anywhere in the world so long as you are outside of Australia.

    Also, shop around as you can purchase Australian visas ahead of time because, such as on my website, you can purchase an Australia visa for half the cost. Airline,s upon check-in, will likely charge you $30AUD+, and I believe Australian immigration's website costs $25 AUD. Just an FYI if you want to save money.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your trip to Australia and Japan!
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    I have only discovered yesterday and so surprised to see how cheap the visa costs. The best part is that I don't have to key in so many information. is truly easy especially for those who are not tech savvy like my parents. Last year we spent AUD140 just for applying visa. Kudos to! I know where to apply visa for our next Aussie trip. Thanks
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