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Weather in Turkey in May

edited January 2011 in - Turkey
I am traveling to Turkey in Mid May. I will be traveling to Istanbul, Pamukkale, Troy, and Gallipoli I was hoping someone could let me know what the weather will be like.


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    The weather will be wonderful most likely..but you may have some spring rain as well.
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    Hi Chris

    As Calledman says it could be wonderful but I'd say mixed!!!

    As far as packing is concerned can I suggest layers. Evenings will be chilly and there is the chance of a shower. Also with the places you intend to visit make sure you have some really really comfortable shoes.

    Obviously you won't need arctic gear, but a fleece, sweatshirt or light jumper would be an idea. It's a beautiful time of year to visit and not too crowded either.
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