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Travel from Rotterdam to Amsterdam

First trip from US to Europe. We will be on a Holland America cruise ship crossing. We will have a GOOD deal of luggage. We will dock in Rotterdam.We are spending two days in Amsterdam. What's the best way to get from Rotterdam to Amsterdam.


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    Public transport in the Netherlands is very good, trains running at least every 30 minutes between Rotterdam and Amsterdam during the day (every 15 minutes during rush hour) and hourly throughout the night. PT in the cities is really extensive as well. Taxi's are expensive and taxi drivers are not used to be hired for long rides, since the perfect PT system. More info and travel advice (in English) on (site of the Dutch railways). For a complete free PT travel advice (from address to address) in English, use, or call 0900-9292 upon arrival in the Netherlands.

    Traveling PT with a lot of luggage might be less feasible, especially during rush hours. You might consider taking a taxi, but count on paying at least 80, more probably 100 euro for the trip, might be a bit cheaper when you try to book in advance, though. PT is usually a bit faster too, because the congested road around Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the couple of cities you'll be passing an-route...
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    I am taking a transatlantic crossing to Rotterdam , any suggestion to where to stay in Amsterdam that near places of interest, not too expensive, would we then like to travel though Europe do you recommend , we travel with trains, is it easy to get to point of interest via trains
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    I agree with Lennart. However, you can pre-reserve private transfers who would already be waiting for you in Rotterdam and then take you directly to your hotel in Amsterdam - pre-reserving would avoid the hassle of finding a taxi when you first arrive and then negotiating the rate with the driver from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. If you have a lot of luggage, then I'd avoid the trains.

    Donna - There are a lot of recommendable hotels within Amsterdam but rates will depend on your dates. It is quite easy to travel around Europe by train but keep in mind that distances between two locations may be longer then you think - Paris is a quick train from Amsterdam - 4 hours on a high-speed train, but Rome would take forever (overnight). : )
    For more info and sightseeing ideas, please have a look at

    thank you!
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