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Bangkok airport transfer

edited February 2011 in - Thailand
I need to organise a Bangkok airport transfer, at around 11pm when I fly in. I want to get a transfer from Bangkok to a hotel near the river in the centre of town, and dont want to rely on a regular taxi or public transport. Any ideas on who to use and how much I should pay? Thank you!!


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    Your hotel will be able to offer a dedicated transfer - but these are expensive at THB1,000 to 2,000 and up.
    Your best bet is to avoid the airport arrivals floor and all touts. Go up to the departures floor, then hail a taxi that has just set off departing travellers.
    These taxis are keen to pick up clients quickly, as they are not permitted to wait and will be forced to leave the departures gates.
    Insist on using the meter, and get the name and address of the hotel from your hotel in Thai beforehand.
    Expect to pay around THB350 including all tollway fees (the latter being around THB70 out of the 350 above.)
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