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Travel Safety in Egypt

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If you're wondering whether it's safe to travel in Egypt at the moment, here's the latest info on what's happening in Egypt:

In January, calls for an uprising gains support in Egypt over issues like poverty, unemployment, and government corruption, inspired by the revolt in Tunisia. Sentiment is against President Hasni Mubarak, who has been in power for nearly 30 years.

January 25th: Huge demonstrations are held in Cairo, with thousands taking to the streets in anti-Mubarak protests. The demonstrations spread to Alexandria, Suez, Mansura and Tanta in the Nile Delta, and Aswan and Assiut in the south.

January 26th: Protests continue in Cairo and Suez, with demonstrators clashing violently with police.

January 27th: Violent demonstrations take place in Cairo and Suez, as well as the Sinai area Sheikh Zuweid. Lawyers stage protests in Alexandria and Toukh. The government responds by cutting off all access to Facebook, Twitter, and Blackberry Services in Egypt, as demonstrators have relied heavily on social networking.

January 28th: The government disrupts all cellular telephone and internet access in Egypt. Riots continue, and President Mubarak dismisses his government while holding on to power for himself. A 4pm curfew is imposed countrywide.

January 29-30th: Soldiers are dispatched to protect the National Museum in Cairo, which has been attacked and is in danger from nearby fires. Omar Suleiman is named Vice President. The military is deployed to the resort area of Sharm el Shaikh. The US government advises all citizens to leave Egypt as quickly as possible, and UK authorities advise against all nonessential travel. Turkey announces it will evacuate its citizens. Google and Twitter create a speak2tweet technology to allow Egyptians to comminicate via social networking.

January 31st: Protests continue in Cairo and Alexandria as the EU calls for elections. World leaders speak against the government.

February 1st: President Mubarak announces he will not seek re-election and announces elections in September.

February 2nd: Clashes between pro-Mubarak and anti-government groups continue in Cairo and Alexandria.

At present, most governments are advising against all travel to Egypt, if not actively evacuating their citizens. Ongoing violent protests in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez make the cities dangerous for travellers, and communications are still difficult as internet and cellular networks are still down. There are reports that airports (which must abide by the 4pm curfew) are chaotic as expatriates attempt to flee the country. Many tour companies are evacuating their clients from all areas in Egypt and cancelling tours scheduled through mid-February.

I'll continue to update this post as the situation changes.


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    Is it safe to visit the Red sea resorts still, provided I fly in via charter and don't land in Cairo first? I have mixed reports are safety in Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. I am also wondering how safe Dahab is at the moment - or is it too laid back for riots!?
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    At this point, there is no specific travel warning against any of Egypt's Red Sea resorts except Luxor, which tour companies have evacuated their clients from. The UK Foreign Office is specifically advising against travel to Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Suez.

    There are still flights available to Egyptian resorts, and there are actually good deals to be had at the moment as several UK tour companies are offering up to 50% off for packages to Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Taba and Marsa Alam. While information is spotty, there have been reports of unrest in Dahab. Keep in mind that the curfew (3pm-8am) is countrywide, and includes all Egypt resorts. Most governments are advising people in supposedly calm cities to nonetheless remain indoors.
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    Is it safe to fly to israel next Wednesday. We are staying 10 days
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    There is no immediate danger in travelling to Israel at the moment, but most governments are currently advising against it as the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is fragile. Travellers are advised to avoid the Gaza strip and the area near the border with Lebanon, as there are continued risks of rocket fire and violence. Avoid political gatherings and exercise caution wherever you go.

    It would be a good idea to check in with your country's embassy as well.
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    A nation-wide strike in Egypt has been called for Sunday, this will probably include some, if not all, hotel and resort staff in Red Sea resorts like Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Taba, Dahab and Marsa Alam.
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    It's been reported that shops and businesses in Cairo are starting to re-open, despite the ongoing protests. Travel in Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor is still not advised, and it has been confirmed that all Russian tourists will be evacuated from Egypt within the next 2 days. Airline Jet2 has cancelled all flights to Egypt, including Red Sea resorts, starting March 1st. Many of the resorts, including Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Taba and Marsa Alam, are reporting business as usual.
  • i`m one of the Tour Operators in Egypt and i start to work again
    we can not sleep for long time
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    Sameh - welcome back. Are tourists returning yet, what advice do you have for people wanting to come to Egypt?
  • Thanks David
    The tourists returning to SSH and HRG but for sure not like before
    my advice to do not go to Cairo coz we do not know what will happen in Next days
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    @Sameh - Let's say that a tourist did walk around Cairo - would they be in danger do you think? Another question: any sign of great deals and discounts for Red sea holidays yet?
  • At the moments Cairo its unsafe for the tourist, because most of the good hotels in Cairo located near and around El Tahrir square

    For Red Sea alrady there is great deals and discounts for the hotel side and
    from the Tour Operators .... (non profit deals for us) :-)
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    Mubarak has announced that he is relinquishing power, but not stepping down. There are reports that he's left Cairo, but it's uncertain at the point. There was a huge protest planned for after prayers this afternoon in Tahrir Square as the crowds are not happy.
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    Im coming to Hurgarda at the end of Feb , do you thing the valley of the kings will be open to Tourists again by then?
  • yes its working now Rachy

    Contracting & Operation Manager
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    Me and four of my friends are thinking of booking a holiday to sharm el sheikh tomorrow and am a little concerned as to whether it is a good idea, can i have your advice as to whether we should go ahead and book this. the dates would be from the 24th to the 3rd. i am very unsure whether this is a good idea.

    any help would be great, thank you for your time.
  • Egypt now its so nice and Sharm its more nice whether
    at this time ...

    booking online its better
    or you can contact me
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    I have a trip planned to Egypt for a few weeks, anyone been there recently, it is safe?
  • yes its safe in sharm and red sea
  • where you will go ... i mean to which city in Egypt ?
  • Egypt is stable and safe now. welcome all tourists in Egypt. spend your holidays in safety. you will enjoy alotttt.
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    We are travelling to Amsterdam via Cairo (5 hour stop-over) on the 22nd Feb 2011. Should it be safe by then? What is the situation at the airport at the moment?
  • its safe 100%
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    Have a trip booked to Sharm on Sunday
    - Will Sharm be affected by the strike
    - Is the Sharm airport safe?
    - Does sharm have police?
  • Sharm not affected by the strike
    Sharm airport is safe 100%
    yes sharm have police
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    Hi! I am planning a trip with my mom in May 2011.. I really want to see your beautiful country but plans have been put on hold cos of the unrest. Will it be safe to travel then? I know it's in the future thus unpredictable but just want to get a feel of what's happening there. Plan to go to Cairo
  • We will be happy to see you in Egypt Shal
    Don`t worry Egypt totally safe now ...

    you can contact us and also you can booking online
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • the phone No.
    +2 012 75 62 161
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    My trip was to leave March 2 and included Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Sinai with a Nile cruise in the middle ending in Jordan. Is there still a curfew in effect? Are these areas open for business as usual? Are any sites still closed to tourists? Government advisory still in effect but my tour operator is saying we will go. I am very worried.
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    We have planed to visit in Cairo,Aswn,luxor,Alexandria,Gaza and with a nile cruise on 4th to 12th march.Is egypt safe now a day.We have kids also.Please give me a good advise.
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    The British Foreign Office has relaxed its travel advisory for Luxor, which is now considered safe. It is still advising against travel to Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

    That said, Cairo is desperate to lure tourists back and the museums and pyramids have reopened. If no major setbacks occur, it should probably be relatively safe. Do consult your travel agent before you go, however.
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    I would like to go to Egypt on the end of march. Im still planning my holiday, but i always wanted to go there... and this time you can find lots of good and cheap deals, as travel agencies are desperate to sell it. I want to know is it safe to be there right now? I want to go to Sharm el Sheikh. and how to get to cairo? Is it going to be possible to see everything what egypt has to offer? Pls advise!:)
  • Hello Nishu,

    I want you to know that Egypt its safe even if you see in the news that still there some problems
    The Pyramids in Cairo its open and also Luxor Temple and Aswan
    i just come back yesterday from the there with Nile CRZ ,,, it the best time to visit Upper Egypt now :-)

    do not worry you will be in safe and you can see that when you come to Egypt

  • hello Rybka,

    i like you to know that Sharm el Sheikh its safe right now and before also
    Sharm el Sheikh always far from the problems and if you like to come
    contact me and send what you like to do and i will help you

    Contracting & Operation Manager

    [email protected]
    +2 012 75 62 161
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    I don't think it is safe to travel to Egypt as there is economic chaos going there. It will take near about one year to settle it and everything going well with the new government's format.
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    Just jumping into this forum and wanted to say thanks to everybody who has contributed to all of this great information. Very helpful... had been planning a trip but it looks as though I'll be traveling there at a later date!
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    I am flying to sharm el sheikh on Monday 7th march with my partner and child, I am very concerned due to the news, are we safe to fly out and is it safe in and around the red sea resorts? I am very worried right now, please reply, thankyou
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    i plan to visit egypt on 14 march.i will be arriving at cairo airport at 1:00 am. how can i go to my hotel when there is a curfew from mid night to 6:00 am ? same old story is it safe ? i want to know an honest answer,please.
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    hello Claire,

    Honesty Sharm its safe from the day one of demonstrations
    so do not worry now and when you will be there you will see that by yourself

    many tourist are there now

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    its will be safe at Sharm
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