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Ever spent honeymoon in Africa?

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which is the best place to spend your honeymoon in africa?


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    I would recommend Cape Town, Africa for honeymoon.........It is one of the most beautiful city in Africa.
  • Visit Egypt, the oldest and best destination north of Africa. if you are interested in visiting the historical sites or relaxation or desert safari or Nile Cruises,...., you will find all in Egypt.
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    I would suggest an African wildlife Safari in the best game parks then finish with a Beach holiday in either Mombasa, Zanzibar, Mafia Island
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    Cape Town is a great option for a honeymoon - you can spend at least a week there, including seeing the winelands and other nearby sights. They you can head up the Garden Route or do a safari. Mozambique is really opening up and has some lovely hotels - in the north of Mozambique you will find the untouched Quirimbas islands - they are hard to get to but magical when you do. If budget is not an issue head to Vamizi (
    Visit for destination advice
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    It really depends what kind of holiday you're looking for. Do you want to spend your time relaxing on a beach? Going on a safari to see wild animals? Looking at ancient ruins? Haggling in markets? Are you more of an adventurer or a city person?

    I'd have to second any recommendation for Cape Town, though. You get the best of all worlds: fantastic restaurants and nightlife, diverse and colourful culture, beautiful beaches, fascinating history, game parks, wine tasting, hiking... anything you could want? We listed Cape Town in our 5 Most Romantic Cities in the World.

    Here's a travel guide to Cape Town with a lot more information.
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    The coastal drive from Cape Town to Durban offers a huge number of beautiful spots in between and worth doing. It can be a lifetime memorable experience for the couples.
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    many a place in Africa these much in terms of destination choice.
    your budget intrests and tastes got to dictate where you may choise to go.
    in the North theres Egypt, a good destination but currently the political instablic and violent demostrations begs for caurtion for a traveller.
    East Africa Kenya Tanzania Zanzibar have prenty in terms of beautiful places infracturature honemoon destination service operators are prenty at fair rates and it combines bust honeymoons, beach sun n sand wildlife and serene atmosphere infact its aal of Africa in one region and the rates are managible.
    south Arica ia also a destination to consinder but its a n expencive desitnation
    There are also the East Africa Islands of Mauritious madagascar which are also good destinations but the rates and services are expensive in every aspect.

    i recond you draw up you budget explore the destination put together your interst and settle for the best destination that suites your pocket and intersts noting this a onec in lifetime occation that must be memorable all the way.
    kenya as a honeymoon detnation is what i personaly recomend
    all factors make it a first choice
    sunny and fair weather all year
    buatiful beaches wildlife hospitable people
    rates are readily affordable
    and combime all of AFRICA in one country.
    the UK Royal family mostly choices it for this and its prime geographyical location on the Equator
    weather and affordability
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