romance scam question

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i have been talking to a guy on yahoo im and he has told me alot of things on here like things that i am reading in all of these storys but for on i have read them all and i have not seen his name in any of them. He has told me that he went over there to do a job and that when he got there that the job ended and that they never payed him. He has a 12 year old son and that when he gets to the states that he will be going to his bank were he has alot of money that his company has put into his account on behalf of his fother and that he is incharge of his dads afairs as his dad has died. His name is morgan stain i have his phone number i just need to know if i am being scamed as i am a single mom that is out of work so please help me here is all the flight informaiton the flight booking code is ZQHK2W the flight number is KL0588 air type is Boeing 777-200 so if some one can help me out i would apricate your help sinserly janelle salgado


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