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Europe winter holiday ideas?

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I want to take a week vacation in Europe in February - and I don't like to ski! What other holidays can I take when it is cold, winter in Europe? Are there any festivals or cool things happening that I include within my trip? I am very felxible about where to go - but Italy i know very well so not there. Any ideas are appreciated in advance! Graci!


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    I would recommend that you visit the island of Malta, I've been there and its quite particular and its a unusual place.... The Weather is rather warm and exploring the island is rather cool...

    I had booked through this local website ( ) and found them very helpful and knowledgeable.
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    Go to far north Sweden into Lapland and stay at the IceHotel. It is an amazing experience to stay in a luxurious hotel made of ice and check out the northern lights. You can also go husky sledding, ice fishing and generally experience a winter wonderland!
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    Dear Battaglia,
    I would also like to suggest Malta for your holiday. I myself work in an incoming agency and we can help you with all your organisation of your holiday. Just to point out, in February, you can enjoy the colours of Malta with its Carnival Celebrations, this year taking place between 20-24th February so that's an added value to your holiday...Should you wish to contact us, please send me an e-mail to [email protected] or visit our website:
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    There is a great post here that talks about tracking the northern lights in Norway, thermal pools in Iceland and other winter holiday ideas:
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    Istanbul is really very beautiful place for your trip.. you can easily savor the different architecture of the Anatolian and the European side, highlighting the way in which the blend of these two cultures underpins the nature of Istanbul.
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    any idea or suggestion if i would like to make a trip of 12-14days to Europe...someway Italy, Spain or ....
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    My recommendation would be Prague, Budapest or Berlin. They are all large cities with lots to see and loads of culture. You run out of time not out of places to visit. Budapest has the added advantage of thermal spas.
    It will be cold in February so wear thermal underwear and give thanks for avoiding the long summer queues! The prices will also be cheaper.
    My tip is to go to and do an on-line tour of all the european capitals and then decide on the one with the cheapest/ most convenient flight. Don't try to visit too many places in too short a time , pick one and see it in depth.
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    February is quite chilly in Europe. But there are some islands in Hawaii that are suitable to visit during this month. You may feel somewhat cold but will not regret going over there.
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    we desire to be in scotland for the ester holidays 22nd - 25th April. Is this a good time to travel for the tourists in scotland
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    I’m based in the UK and have family coming to visit in Nov/ early Dec with the idea of taking them for some snow adventure but realise the season only starts Dec and snow may not be reliable snow till end of Dec. It will be a family comprising of 7 adults aged 34-68 and 3 young children aged 3-9.
    Does anyone have any ideas/ suggestions as to where I can take them without being bogged down in the gloomy wet winter weather?
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    I realise the first poster is travelling in Feb, which means the Fete Des Luminaires is irrelevant as it is in December. But I would still recommend Lyon as a place to visit as it is a beautiful city and is actually known in France as being the Gastronomic Capital!
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    I will suggest St. Paul de Vence os in France, this place is mountain area and offer many interesting scenery. I spend my first honeymoon in that place, for that reason i will suggest you this location
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    You go somewhere warm which means Portugal, Spain (real Europe), Morocco, Caneries, (not really europe but very on the edge)

    You go somewhere with loads of cheap warm spas which means Iceland, Hungary, Czech Rep, Eastern Germany

    You go somewhere snowy and shop, Austria, Germany

    Thats about it in the winter, everywhere else just seems to not make it (even Italy can get miserable but Sicily can be warmish)
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    have 8 days in the last week of december. Which place in europe you will suggest?
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    I can suggest Czech republic. its in the middle of Europe.
    Skipass about 30EUR/5days
    Good snow conditions in february.
    About 10 big ski centers, hundreds small ones.
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    Why do not you go to Russia? Mountain Shoria and Altai Mountains! Amazingly beautiful place! Skiing and wonderful company! Come join us! Meet and all help!
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    A winter break in the Caribbean is a real treat, whether you opt for the quiet charm of Grenada or the celebrity stardust of Barbados. The soft sandy beaches and lush scenery of Tobago and Jamaica provide the ideal backdrop for a fantastic holiday. Or try a two-centre combination of Miami and the Caribbean.
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    Skiing is not the only thing to make your trip memorable. Here are few more activities to make you happy on yourEurope holidays.

    See the birthplace of cabaret in Paris
    See Ancient Rome and the Vatican
    Be amazed at the diversity of Spain
    Climb to the Top of Europe in Switzerland
    Explore castles and cliffs in Ireland
    See the Scottish Isles and Highlands
    Visit the castles and coasts of Portugal
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