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Puppies from Cameroon

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I am so happy I found this site before I almost fell for a scam from there for a yorkie puppy. I knew it sounded to great to be true. Not to mention I don't like paying for something I have not seen in person. Oh this woman sounds so great and wanted to make sure the puppy would have a good home. In my research I found this site so my excitement over the puppy turned to sadness. How dare people try to get aways with this. I hope they all get caught. She said the flight would be 7 hrs. from there to northern California.


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    I sent them this letter to stop their BS. I did not know if it was real or not so here's the ending I sent in my reply.

    That will be fine. Give me all the information and I'll have a friend of mine at the airport here try to help us out with that problem. We might be able to get a carrier at no cost. Worth a try. Give me all the numbers and info. and I'll call him up with it and see. We may get lucky.

    I thought the ad said a male and female so let me know if both will be coming. Please send more pictures if you have them.

    I look forward to hearing from you so that I can take care of the airport issue for you. Roxy

    ****LETTER SNIPIT****MY END I was telling her in the part edited (The top part of letter,too long) that I had a friend that worked at the airport and he could pull strings. A Fat Lie on my part but I had to bluff to see if they were ligitimate. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and I hate SCAMMERS!!!! First read what they asked for and the second was my reply.


    The Main reason why i am giving this babies out is because the Policy of This country does not allow Pets into their country , so my puppies where held at the airport since they do not allow puppies into their country. ....... So if you can stand the chance of taking them home, you will only need to buy her a new travel crate because the one she came in with is bad it will cost just $90 ,this money for crate will be paid directly to the airport provide the travel crate too......
    Waiting to read from you soon..


    I just talked to him and he wanted me to ask you if the puppy or puppies have a microchip implant. He said it is a requirement when bringing them into Africa. He also said that I would need to talk with the veterinary officer at the cargo terminal about the carrier. So please include this number. If you don't have it just tell me the name of the airport and I'll get it. The veterinary officer will be able to verify the import/in transit permit that you had to give the officer. Please send a copy of that as well.

    He also advised me to have you send a copy of the health papers before paying. If you don't have any of those papers then just send a copy of the "Air Waybill". I just need to verify everything before paying for a carrier for a dog that I'm not sure exists if you can understand.

    I appreciate it and it's all for a good cause. I will give them/her a wonderful loving home with all the attention it could ever need.

    Thank You ***END LETTER***

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    Hi, im not sure if ive been scammed or not.
    I placed an ad in my local online newspaper asking for a puppy free to good home.
    A lady emailed me saying she had a puppy needing a good home.
    We communicated back & forth for a few days.
    She told me the puppy was at an agency up the road from where she lived in Tasmania Australia.
    Over a couple of days she said the agency had told her she had to pay for delivery of the puppy, registration of the puppy & food for the puppy.
    I asked her for the agencys number & she gave me a number in Cameroon saying this was the agencys head office.
    I rang the number & was told that she needed to pay $250.00 for the puppy to be xrayed before it could be on a flight through petjet.
    I rang my local vet & a quarintine officer at the Launceston domestic airport asking if the puppy needed to be xrayed before transportation to my state & was told the puppy did not have to be xrayed.
    I got in contact with the lady giving the puppy away letting her know that this agency lied to her about the puppy needing xrays.
    I then rang the head office in cameroon and had a major spat attack at the guy on the other end of the phone.
    I told him that he was a liar & that i had been in contact with authorities here in my country asking about puppy xrays.
    He then said that in order for the puppy to be sent to me i would have to pay another $75.00 for a flight reservation for the puppy.
    I contacted the lady giving away the puppy asking her if the puppy really exsisted & she told me that the puppy does exsist & she was going to do everything in her power to get the puppy to me.
    She said she had rung the guy in cameroon as well but he was telling her something totally different to what he had told me when i called him.
    I am now trying to find out the details of the following number +23796108711.
    If this number looks familiar to anyone or if anyone knows the details of who this number is for, please let me know.
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    Sorry i forgot to mention the only difference here is that the puppy is in the same country as i am just in a different state but the head office for this agency in my country is in cameroon.
    Anyway if anyone knows the details of that number ive just posted please let me know.
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    I almost got scammed by a women posting on craigs list in Austin regarding a f2 savannah cat. Same exact email was sent to me wanting 200 dollars because they(Cameroon) would not allow the cat into the country. Thank god I came across this website. Thanks to everyone who has posted!
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