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Asia route

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As part of a r-t-w trip i'm planning to leave Australia and land in Singapore. From Singapore, I would like to explore Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos before getting to Hong Kong. Can anyone suggest a route (through land and/or air) that best allows me to spend time in each country and get the most out of the visa restrictions (eg if going to Thailand overland only 14 days is permitted)
Have about 3-5 months available to get a sufficient experience of this part of the world. Thx for your help


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    The best route for that would be to take the train from Singapore into Malaysia. I would not linger in Malaysia unless you are going to the islands...some people love it, others like other countries much more. From Malaysia cross into Thailand's souther border and make sure to get to a nearby nature reserve island called Kho Taratau on the west side. From the mainland take the train up the coast but make sure to stop at many of the islands. From Phuket or Krabi it may be easier to take a plane to Bangkok.

    From Bangkok you can take a bus into Laos, its a long boring ride and you may want to fly into the Laos capitol if you have the funds. From there make your way across the country and then down into Cambodia. Probably you will want to see Angkor Wat. Take a bus into Phnom Phen and get your Vietnam visa. take a bus to the Mekong border crossing which will then transfer you to a ferry in Vietnam and then back to a bus to get into Saigon.
    Take a train up the Vietnam stopping at any places that look interesting. The north of Veitnam is very interesting, make sure to see Halong Bay and Sapa. Get your Hong Kong visa in Hanoi and catch a flight from there as well. Have fun.
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    Agree with AlexanderStone, u can start your journey from Singapore to Malaysia by taking the train to kuala lumpur malaysia, the capital city of Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur, u can spend a night or two, to explore a little bit of Kuala Lumpur. Among the attractions there : Petronas Twin Towers - the tallest twin towers in the world, Aquaria KLCC - where u can walk under a mammoth aquarium and many more.
    U can stay at any kuala lumpur malaysia hotels there.

    After spending your time in KL, u can board the train to Kuala Perlis, the northern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. There, u can board a ferry to Langkawi Island - one of the beautiful island in the world. Maybe after spending one or two nights there, u can board the train to Thailand.

    That's all about what can i suggest u to do while in Malaysia. Have a good journey ;)
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