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what is belek town like ie shops etc

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Hi I am planning a family holiday staying in either the Atlantis Hotel and Resort or the Voyage Belek golf and spa which are 2-3 km outside Belek and was wondering is there a coastal road which we could walk along into Belek and what Belek town is like ie shops, cafes etc. We are staying all inclusive at the hotel but like to take a walk in the evening. We are traveling in july with 2 adults and 2 kids age 12 and 8. Many thanks for your help.


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    Yes there is a road you can walk along to Belek, or you can also experience the tractor that takes you into town for a couple of lira. Belek town is not very big but is growing. Plenty of shops & cafes. Very friendly place. Get your husband to try the barber shops in Belek. First class experience. You get the works for very little money. Sorry I can't tell you about the hotels you've mentioned, but I would recomend you consider the Papillon Zeguma. First class 5 star hotel. Were going at the end of May to the Spice Hotel & Spa then the second week at the Zeguma. Have a good holiday.
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    We are a party of 4 adults going to Belek on 7 July and would like any information about the Rui Kaya Club hotel and wondered what there is around this hotel. I understand that the Riu Kaya Belek hotel is next door but that is all I know. I would appreciate anyone else's knowledge.
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    Kadriye and Belek is similar towns with so many touristic shops selling cheap but low quality textiles.
    There is a nice beach next to your hotel:KADRIYE BEACH PARK.
    Or you can go to Antalya for a day or a night.Antalya has got great places to visit.Antalya Harbour,Old Town,
    Turkish Market and waterfalls.
    Aykut Alt?n???k
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    You can go to Kadriye or Belek by bus or taxi in 10 minutes.Or you can explore the region around your hotel.Your hotel is located in Belek,30 km east of Antalya.I will list the places to see around Belek.
    ANTALYA:35 km by car or taxi.HARBOUR AND OLD TOWN,TURKISH MARKET,WATERFALL?HADRIANS GATE,ANTALYA MUSEUM,MINI CITY etc..There is a direct local bus to Antalya from Belek every day.There are nice local Turkish Restaurants in Antalya for lunch and dinner.Antalya is the best place for shopping around this region.
    PERGE ANCIENT CITY:25 km from Belek.The best preserved Roman city with Theatre,Stadium,Agora,Baths..
    ASPENDOS THEATRE:The best preserved Roman Theatre in ancient world with great acoustic (15 km east of Belek).
    SIDE:Beatiful and small resort with bars and restaurants.Also shops and hotels in Side is very popular.Ancient ruins in Side is very impressive and it was one of the biggest Roman city in Mediterranean.35 km east of Belek.
    For more info about places to see in and around Belek,don't hesitate to contact me:
    [email protected]
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    Hi! I am going to Belek in 3 weeks and staying at the voyage Belek spa hotel! I just wants to know how long is the drive to Antalya by Lara beach? Are the roads easy to drive on? Is it worth hiring a car?
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    Hi Nish

    ?f you want to explore the area it is very well worth hiring a car. You can then go at your own pace and stop where ever takes your fancy. Most of the roads in and around Antalya are dual carriageway and Lara is around 45 minutes drive from Belek.

    Driving in Turkey is well..... different!!! Everyone seems to want to get there yesterday. The dual carriageway becomes a 4 or 5 lane road at traffic lights. They love the sound of their car horn and are not afraid to use it!

    Actually most of the main roads connecting one place to another are great to drive along - there are lots of small, local eating places along the way. You can get to see a lot of the sights at your own pace - spending longer at the ones you enjoy than perhaps a tour would allow you and of course you can miss the visit to the gold/carpet factory that always geature in a tour.
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    Thank you for this post. I don't need to ask about this because it was already answered. Thank you.
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