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Where to teach English in Asia

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Hello, I am an ESL teacher with a bit of experience and a TEFL cert. If i moved to Asia what is the best place to teach English? What pays the most or where could i save the most money? What advice can I get about teaching there?


  • Ok, a lot of options to teach in Asia, here are some tips. In east Asia Japan, Taiwan, and especially Korea or the big money makers. These also tend to be the least fun and the most expensive.

    It is normal there on year long contracts for the school to pay for air tickets and for shared accommodation. Some repay your air ticket after a year contract is up. Schools vary greatly in quality so get as much info from teachers as possible about them before hand.

    In south East Asia, Thailand is over-run with teachers and although fun doesn't make as much money as other destinations. Cambodia is largely limited to Phnom Phen with upwards of $10 an hour. Vietnam is a good bet for your buck. Within Hanoi or Saigon wages are about $20 dollars an hour and it is easy to save money. Most Asian countries are in need of teachers but most others are more for the cultural experience rather than for a good job.
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    Vietnam may be one of the hidden jewels of the English teaching world. You do not have to commit yourself to a year long contract, like many other countries and the income you earn can allow you to live a very comfortable lifestyle. Most teachers are very happy about their life in Vietnam.
    You can stay in hotels for as low as $5-10 US/night in HCMC while you look for an apartment for around $120-$200 US/month. When you compare this to Japan, where you can easily spend $80-100/day looking for a place to work and live, this is a bargain.
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    Hi endsplit - how do the salaries in Vietnam compare to other Asian countries?
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    If you are interested in teaching English in Indonesia please visit there is a matching fee of 480euro (payable only after successful matching with no registration fee) but each and every program comes with a financial reimbursement covering the living costs to high standards (300 USD on average). Please also like the facebook page at
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    Hello all. nice to meet you.
    I'm native indonesian. there's a lot of places you can teach English especially in Indonesia.
    on of the place you can visit is Jogjakarta, its has lots of Universities which offer internship or program teaching.
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    "In east Asia Japan, Taiwan, and especially Korea or the big money makers. These also tend to be the least fun and the most expensive. "

    I know a few friends who are out there are have an absolute blast. It's not so much about the cheap partying/drinking tho so if that's your scene maybe this is accurate. But otherwise, my friends love it. I think they learn the most culturally.

    In Thailand yes it's fun but there's plenty of competition like he said. If you're going for the fun though, then I'd save a bit more before going out then live on the little and max your fun. :)
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