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Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires

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I have a couple of questions. Can anyone offer me any advice on Spanish language schools in buenos aires? There appear to be lots to choose from, offering intensive courses, culture immersion and everything in between. I am only going out there for a couple of weeks and want to learn as much Spanish as possible in short space of time. I want to focus on speaking mostly. Basically i want a professional school that will provide a high quality teaching. (I have heard some are quite budget! and i dont want know budget crap) I really dont mind paying a bit more for better classes!!

So have been on other forums and i heard that Expanish is meant to be one of the best. Does anyone have any experience with Expanish?? The other one i was initially considering was Coined, who are one of the original schools in BA apparently. Any feedback would be appreciated

Also, i am a U.S. citizen. Do i need to apply for a visa before i leave?


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    Well first you do not need a via to get into Argentina - only pay the $140 admittance fee. It is reciprocal with our standards and last for 10 years.

    More importantly - where to study. I did a lot of research on different schools and decided on Expanish myself. I have been very impressed with my classes and teacher. I have been here for 2 weeks and I can tell a big difference already. I´ll be here for a couple of more weeks too. I have friend that take private classes in the afternoon if you were interested in one-on-one attention and focus on speaking. As well if you were interested in different excursions - they change them every week.

    Buena suerte!
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    I would suggest looking at some of the review sites where you can see how people have reviewed the different schools. Thats how i chose which school to go with out of the millions on offer!!! I studied at Expanish for 3 weeks at the beginning, they were a bit more expensive that some of the others but i think the quality is probably better. Then i went to the cheaper school Iberio to continue. You can definitely tell the difference in quality between the two schools but i guess it depends on what is important to you
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    I've studied Spanish in Buenos Aires and the best advice I can give is DON'T GO TO EXPANISH OR ECELA. They're horrible people that don't give a shit about you the minute after you pay. Try to go to a smaller school, they're cozier and as they don't have a million students per hour, they care about the students being happy. I recommend *El Pasaje Spanish*; it's a small school, with really cool teachers and tailor made classes.
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    A few of my friends who went to Buenos Aires after me had short stays like you planned. I suggested they check into the same school I attended since they allow you to schedule classes and tutors on a weekly basis. You can call Ailola Buenos Aries, explain your plans, and see if their courses match your needs. They were not the perfect match for all of my friends, but the ones who went there enjoyed it, too.
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