Best currency for Turkey?



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    Sorry I missed some of the earlier posts about Alanya/Antalya so I'll answer them together here.

    Suntan lotion is expensive here so buy in the UK especially as places like Boots have special offers on! Remember though to pack it in your hold baggage or it will be confiscated - I saw that happen to an unfortunate lady who had to throw all her bottles in the bin. You could buy it once you are airside as a lot of airports have Boots branches but may not always have all the offers and ranges.

    Don't change money at your hotel the rate is always a lot poorer. As you are AI you won't need too much and can always make purchases on your credit cards for any excursions etc. Bring some lira with you though - very useful for tips etc and if you venture out of the hotel.over from a previous holiday bring them but don't change to Euro for Turkey. Prices are displayed in Euros but this is for convenience - before the Euro prices were displayed in so many currencies its now easier for traders to display euro and lira!

    Weather in June is beautiful you will not need a cardigan but will for the journey back to the UK!! Weather in April is very pleasant but you may get the odd shower and need a light cardigan for the evenings.

    Yes everyone entering Turkey needs to buy a tourist visa at the airport, even children. This is currently £10 each.

    The Turkish Lira is the currency in Turkey. Euros are accepted in some places and if you have any left from previous holidays by all means bring them but don't change any especially for this holiday.
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    You can view the detailed weather forecast from below link.
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    We are going to Lara beach (AI) in early May. What is the best currency or travellers cheques to take. Also, if you recommend GB £ - would we have to get English notes or would they accept Scottish notes?
    What is the weather likely to be like at that time?
    Are Turkish visas still required and is the price still £10 each? I didn't know anything about them until I read previous comments on this site.
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    Traveallers cheques are not recommended. Not any more. VISA, Mastercard is accepted all over Turkey in even small shops. GB£ is well known and you may use. I am not sure about Scottish Notes.
    Best currency could be EURO to use.

    Antalya is always warmer than other parts of Turkey. You may see the weather
    You may get visa in the airport. Price is same.
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    Yes there is still a £10 visa to buy at the airport before passport control.

    Scottish notes aren't accepted but English are.

    Euro is not the best currency especially in the smaller shops. By all means if you have Euro left from a previous holiday then bring them but don't change into Euro for a Turkish holiday.

    ATMs are plentiful and take most UK cards but your bank may well make a charge. Check with them and see if they have an account that's free for withdrawals abroad. Bring some lira for the first day or so - about £100. Cards are accepted in most restaurants and in the bigger shops. Travellers cheques are not a good idea as they charge commission to change them and the rate is usually lower. Hotels always have a poorer rate of exchange as well. Generally speaking the rate is always better here in Turkey than the UK>

    Expect daytime temperatures of around 25 deg C but evenings will be cooler so if you intend sitting outside or near the sea bring a light cardigan or similar. The sea will still be pretty chilly as well!! Although I walked along the beach yesterday in my coat and tourists were sunbathing in swimming costumes!!

    Have a lovely holiday.
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    I may be a little late in replying but for any travellers going to Belek, in the town there are only a couple of ATM's but many of the Hotels have an ATM machine just outside their main gate. I have used them, many times and never ever had a problem, you get a good rate of exchange but each transaction incurs a fixed charge, so if you only with draw 20TL then a £1.50 charge is expensive but if you withdraw 250TL then £1.50 is rather good value. What ever you do don't go out and buy Euro's in the UK to take to Turkey to use, only take Euro's if you have them left from other holidays.
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    Hi my husband and i are going to Side on the 3rd may and we have brought all our lira (gutted after reading off of your comments now but nevermind!!) we have been wondering what is best to go and visit we want to go to a hamann turkish bath but i'm worried we will be ripped off and not sure what you have to take with you! how much do the baths usually cost and is it best to go through a travel rep? we also was thinking of going on a few boat trips but again not sure how much or who to go with? Please help havent been on holiday in years and never been to turkey so dont want to ruin it by me being stupid and not findin out enough information!!
    Thank you so much
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    The local tour organ?sers are now promoting a Turkish Bath/Hammam that is just 2 years old called Demirhan Ronesans - ? went there yesterday and was well impressed - one of the nicest ones ? have been to and only 30 TL for 2.5 hours of total pampering - that includes exfoliating - bubbles and wash - rest with a drink you pay for - and full body massage with o?ls - - Be aware that the normal way here ?s to pay 15 TL to the tour organiser and then the additional 15 TL when you arrive at Demirhan.

    ?t depends which tour organiser you book with in Old Town Side as to which Turkish Bath you are sent to - but they w?ll p?ck you up from your hotel and return you there for no extra charge.
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    Don't book anything with your travel rep - book with the local tour companies. You get the same trip at nearly half the price! Often they offer a free Turkish bath if you book other tours with them. All you need to take is yourselves and your swim wear - helps preserve your modesty!
    The hamam that Squash recommends seems excellent value.
    You can book boat rips through the tour guys or if you go into Antalya and the old harbour there are loads of different ones being offered from a quick trip to a whole day.
    Have a lovely time - a beautiful time of year to visit as its not too hot or crowded so you can get around easily. Take time to chat to the locals as well - always fun and often they offer very good advice.
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    We're going All Inclusive to Xanadu Hotel in Belek in June. Never been to Turkey before and would like advice on level of tips for good service etc:
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    Although it sounds obvious give Turkish Lira as tips. Not everyone does and they leave money that is more or less useless to the recipients!
    Depends on the level of service you receive and what you think it is worth. Not everyone gives tips when AI and the workers in these hotels really lose out. Often they are students or have travelled a long way from home to work the season and tips are essential to them.
    How long are you staying? Do you intend eating outside the hotel at all? As a rule of thumb aim to tip 10% of the bill - more if the service was excellent. Same applies in hairdressers etc. Taxi drivers also appreciate a small gratuity as well.
    If you are intending tipping at the end of the holiday in your hotel it's really up to you. Often the workers appreciate having your toiletries etc that you don't want to carry back.
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    Hi Benji, we go to Turkey on a regular basis and find that giving tips (money) sometimes does not go down well. We tend to take sweets with us and hand them out to the staff. It gives us great pleasure to see their faces light up with delight. We also leave items of clothing for the cleaning staff so we can fit more goodies in our suitcases for the trip home. We are going to the new Xanadu Island in July and will be well stocked with sweets for the holiday.
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    Depends how the tips are given!!! Often it can be worthwhile being fairly discreet about it.
    I have many friends working in the tourist industry here and tips are always very much appreciated. Many work for just 6 months of the year so the extra money is almost essential to them. One guy I know travels a tremendous distance to work the season to keep his family for the year.
    They all love sweets especially decent chocolate as well.
    Turkey has a tipping culture and while they will never "ask" for a tip it is always gratefully received.
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    Clare and Froggy, thanks very much for the advice. We will take some sweets and chocolate with us, sounds a great way for extra tipping.
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    Pens are also a good gift. Needn't be expensive but unusual or from London etc. Not too heavy to pack either :o)
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    Can someone please help!!

    I will be travelling from UK with my family to Istanbul next weekend. The hotel requires us to pay in Euros. As we use GBP in UK, is it best to change GBP to Euros in UK or in Istanbul in order to have the most exchange rate? Any good website to get the most of my money?

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    Why don't you pay on your credit or debit card and only incur one lot of exchange commission
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    The hotel will change to Turkish Liras as it benefits them most if we pay them in Euros. We just have to make one exchange from GBP to Euros
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    Does anyone know whether the living expenses is cheaper in UK or Istanbul?

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    Istanbul :-)
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    I am going to Turunc in early May staying All Inclusive but keen to spend some money locally. Have been told Turunc is out of the way but is it likely that we will be able to exchange money easily or should we change it all before going? Any other tips on any aspect of our holiday appreciated too!
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    Hi Meg - I don't know Turunc but a good idea is to exchange some money before you go so you have enough on you for any incidentals such as a bottle of water while you explore outside your hotel etc. You will probably have a "comfort break" on your transfer from the airport so will need some Turkish Lira for a drink/snack. You will also find ATMs in Turunc that accept major cards but do be aware that your bank may charge for this so check with them. Generally the rate of exchange is better in Turkey. Again do not use travellers cheques as they are a nightmare to exchange in a lot of places.
    Have a great holiday :o)
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    Thanks for your advice! Looking forward to my holiday - so many people have told me Turkey's a great place to visit. :)
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    Turkey is a great place to visit (and live :o))
    I hope you enjoy your holiday and take the opportunity to explore a little.
    For a relaxing day try a boat trip - these are usually laid back days where you visit several bays to swim in the sea. Lunch is generally included and you buy drinks on board. Beware though of sun burn as the the strength of the sun can be deceptive out on the sea!
    Have a lovely time :o)
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    Just been reading this thread and its been very helpful!
    I'm going to Marmaris next week with a friend, never been to turkey before. We are stayin sc. Any tips or advice?

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    Change about £100 each to lira before you go to give you time to get your bearings. Stock up your fridge in the apartment with juices, sodas etc as it's the incidental drinks around the pool etc that really add up. OK most places won't let you bring drinks to the pool area but you can nip up to the apartment. Local equivalents are Turka Kola, Yedigun (orange soda) Uludag (a lemonade). Cherry juice is cheap and refreshing - goes beautifully with vodka! Lots of other juices available as well.
    If you have a favourite tipple I suggest you buy it duty free as imported spirits here are quite heavily taxed and expensive. That way you can enjoy a drink or 2 on your balcony before going out in the evening. Efes is the local beer - a lager type of light beer. Nice to have a few in the chilling nicely in the fridge!
    Self catering accommodation in Turkey is usually basic but very clean. Kitchens tend to consist of a fridge, hotplate and kettle plus of course sink and utensils. Sinks don't have plugs so worth bringing a universal travel one.
    It's lovely having breakfast in the peace and quiet of your own apartment and there is so much to choose from - eggs, lovely cheeses, tomatoes, olives etc. If you want a chedder type cheese look for kasar peynir. If you can't survive without your favourite tea bring it with you. Turkish tea is lovely but very different - drunk without milk in tulip shaped glasses. Actually it's worth finding a corner in your suitcase for instant coffee as well. Then you can have a welcome cuppa when you arrive.
    Tap water is safe but not very nice tasting so OK to cook with and boil for hot drinks otherwise have bottled water.
    Find a big supermarket such as Migros or Tansas to stock up at. Cheaper than smaller shops although they are great for daily things such as bread, water etc.
    I don't know your plans for self catering but it's nice to eat out at night and more affordable if you have self catered during the day!!!
    Have a great holiday and explore this amazing country :o)
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    Thanks so much!

    Plan on eating out every night to sample the local cuisine. Really looking forward to it and hope the weather is good!
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    Hi, me and my family are travelling to Belek in December this year for a two week AI holiday could anyone advise us on what clothing we should take for ourselves and children? Thanks Tracy
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    December is cooler than the height of summer obviously :o)
    On Christmas Day I walked along the sea front in jeans and a light jersey top and was fine but tourists were sunbathing in swimming gear!!! Guess that's the difference between living here and arriving here from a cold winter elsewhere! I would suggest t shirts plus sweatshirts, cardigans or similar to be able to shed layers or add them! A pair of jeans each for the evenings if you plan to wander around and some lightweight trousers. The odd shower is not unheard of either so a waterproof may be an idea. I assume you'll have your coats you have travelled in and will need for travelling back. The hotel will be heated and often the air conditioning unit can be used as a heater if you need it. It does get cool as soon as the sun goes down.
    Hope this helps a bit.
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