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Entry requirements for a Canadian in Bulgaria?

I'm from Canada, and my plan is to visit Bulgaria in the summer. From what I've read, I'd be able to stay for 90 days (I want to stay for the full period), and I wouldn't need to worry about a visa. I have a valid passport, but what I'm wondering is whether I would need anything else. I keep reading about 'sufficient funds' requirements, but is that just for if you're applying for a visa? Would I need to provide proof of 'sufficient funds'? And if so, what is the exact amount required? Is there anything else I would need?

Also, since I've never done this kind of a trip before, I have no idea about living arrangements and expenses. The idea is to find a cheap apartment in Burgas for those three months (August, September, October), but could that be done for that short period of time? Or would there usually be some sort of contract requiring me to live there for longer if I wanted to rent?

All of this information and anything else related to Canadians staying in Bulgaria would be really helpful! Thanks in advance! =)


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    To get into Bulgaria on a Canadian passport, you'll need (i) a passport valid for three months beyond the date that you intend to leave Bulgaria; (ii) visible means of support to cover your expenses in Bulgaria (there's no figure available, but 60 Leva a day, and a valid credit card/a usable bank card with a statement showing your balance should be more than enough); (iii) confirmed onward/return tickets and all other documents required for your final destination, AND (iv) valid health insurance. You'll also have to fill out an Immigration Register Card of Foreigner when you arrive, if staying up to three months.

    Hope that helps!
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