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Getting to Bhubaneshwar, India

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I have a client who advised that they need to travel to Kolkata and then to Buwneshwar in India. I only seem to find a city named Bhubaneswar in our reservation system Galileo – is this the same place? They also want to know how far this city is from Kolkata and if it would be better to travel by air (if possible) or by car.


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    The correct name is Bhubaneshwar and it's 30km south of Cuttack in the state of Orissa. The city is around 350 km from from Calcutta and can easily via accessed via decent road. Depending road conditions this journey can take around 6 hours by car, and a little longer by bus. There is a small airport in Bhubaneshwar (BBI) so another option is to fly from Calcutta (CCU). Flights are daily at 10am and 9.40 pm on Kingfisher Air, duration 1h15. A third option, and for me the most pleasant, is train. See for fares and info.

    Happy travels!
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    I strongly suggest Train from Kolkata. It would be a journey to be remembers.. no railways in the world I believe can match the cost is to comfort ratio like Indian Railways does....
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    Bhubaneshwar is the correct name of this city. You will experience lots of things there.
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