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Marhaba Lounge, Dubai airport

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Hi there
Can you explain to me how to get to Marhaba Lounge at Dubai Airport after you have cleared customs?? It is on the First Floor?


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    Hi Marise

    It is located on the departure level at the east end of the terminal between Gates 23 and 25, in Terminal 1.

    Please see map for further information.
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    I wish to use this services for my managers parents, I am calling the tel nos given to call, but no reply I am always being put on hold.
    I need the assistance for the Meet & greet services.
    thank you
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    Hi Vina
    I suggest you visit and select Marhaba Services. You can select the service you require from the drop down menu.
    I hope this helps.
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    Hi Vina, have you tried signing in on the right of the Marhabaservices page, and completing a Meet and Greet booking? It looks pretty simple, and a whole lot easier than trying to call long distance. Remember, that this is one of the most modern airport in the world and they are well set up to help your parents when they arrive - even if you dont get round to making a pre-booking.
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    what are the charges for using marhaba lounge facilities? is there any time limit?
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    Hi - the charge is USD25 per person, multiple entry, and there is no time limit. Enjoy!
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    Can anyone suggest the procedure to use Marhaba Lounge Facility>We are 5 adults and will be reaching by Emirates Flight no.0515 on 15.04.09 at about 23.45, terminal :3.
    Our next onward flight is again by Emirates 0057 on 16.04.09 at 9.00 am from terminal :3.
    Please suggest on arrival how do we avail the above facility and what are the charges?
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    Hi Mr.Chakraborty,

    If you are from india then you can book this services through Dubai Marhaba Services( You can get this services for 4 hrs.

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    Hi everybody,

    I am from Canada.

    I will be transiting at Dubai Airport for more than 6 hours in the middle of the night on July 9/10 and July 24/25. I heard about the Marhaba lounge. Can one access it without going through customs? Can one just show up or is it necessary to register before?

    Thank you.

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    what is the procedure to get to terminal 3 from terminal .....
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    how to reach to trminal 3 from terminal 1 while transitting at dubai airport. can any ony tell me please.
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    is the hsbc premier card accepted at the marhaba lounge dubai
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    I would like to thank Marhaba Lounge, Dubai, for handling my lost items (wallet and telephone) very professionally and efficiently. Everything was retrieved intact and fast. Thanks!
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    Good to hear, great Dane! Was it stolen or did they just find it?
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    Hello everyone, I used to avail the Marhaba Lounge frequently as a complimentary service from Emirates as a trans atlantic transit passenger. If you were flying to any US or Canadian city with Emirates, and had a transit time of more than 4 hours in Dubai, it was free to avail the Marhaba services. But I was told that is no longer the case, and Marhaba has stopped providing that service to EK passengers. I made an inquiry on the Marhaba website to pay for the lounge, and the new rate is now from USD 42 per passenger! It used to be $24 for utp 4 hours.

    As the new Terminal 3 is always chaotic with traffic and lack of peace and quiet resting places, as Terminal 1 had, perhaps it is still worth to pay that $42 per person and get some rest during transit at DXB?
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    My mum had been to the Marhaba lounge on the way back to Australia from Europe. She paid $60 for 8 hours because she was an elderly transit passenger.
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    I have a question about the access to Marhaba lounge.
    See, I am an HSBC Visa card holder, can I enter the Marhaba Lounge for free, or is it only for HSBC MasterCard holders only ??
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    My girlfriend, who is not a frequent traveler, arrives at Dubai Terminal 3 during the early morning hours, about 4 hours before I arrive at Terminal 1.

    Will she be able to get from the Terminal 3 Arrivals level to the Terminal 3 Marhaba Lounge without a problem, so she can wait inside passport control until my arrival time?
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    Just tried to book lounge access online ( and it wouldn't accept ANY of my credit cards. I called customer service and they said they don't accept cards from the USA, Australia or any African countries for SECURITY REASONS. Seriously, WTF?

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    Me and my wife both above 70yrs are travelling on 26th feb 2011 can I extend my marhaba service if i book for 4 hours online
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    Hi going to Terminal 3 from Terminal and vice versa is very easy. Both terminals are inter-connected and can be accessed easily. Just follow the signs. But bear in mind that its a long walk and time consuming, so plan your schedule accordingly. Hope this helps.
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    My Sister and family is travelling to UK and they will be in Dubai Airport (terminal 3) for 3 hours. I am in Dubai and would like to meet her on Airport.. Is there anyway I can meet them .. pls reply..
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    marhaba used to be free if you had a platinum mastercard but this deal has ended. The official price is currently $45 but you can get cheaper deals if you search online. I found a deal for my stopover next month for Marhaba at £22 which is about $33.
    I have used this lounge (T3) before and it is very good.
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    im planning to use this servis next month. is it only mastercard holder able to get free access? how about visacard holder? is it really worth it? im looking for good place to rest with good foods! tq all
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    can we enter marhaba lounge for free using NBK visa credit card????
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