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Visit to Jaipur, is December a good time to visit?

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I want to visit Jaipur on last of December, is it right time to visit


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    Yes, december is a great time to visit Jaipur. The days are pleasant and the nights are cold. The city is famous for City Palace complex, Jantar Mahar, and the Amber Fort. Also do not forget to check out gemstones, Jaipur is famous for them.
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    Yes, There is no problem to travel to jaipur in december.
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    I'll be visiting India( Delhi, Jaipur and Agra) soon in a few days with my family (kids with 5,7 and 10 years old). I know it is not right time to visit India..This is the first time in my life to go to the places with temperature can really hit the roof . Here in the Malaysia, the maximum temperature I may have experienced will be in 29 Celsius. I am a little worried about my children. Is it dangerous for my kids to travel during this time?
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    Dear Mriduldey,
    I guess its the perfect time ti visit as its a good 15 to 20 degrees in the day time and close to 10 in nights. If you need any help in organizing the tours please do not hesitate to write on [email protected]
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    Best time to go is Mid September to March.
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    Jaipur has extreme climates. During summer (April-May) temperature can reach up to scorching 47°C and winter (December-February) can touch a low mercury level of 4°C. Medium rainfall is observed in Jaipur during June to September.

    Jaipur is famous for elephant festival held during the March month and for Gangaur fair held during the first week of April. Both are very impressive and many tourists make it a point to visit Jaipur during this season.

    Best time to visit Jaipur is from October to mid April, keep a watch on monsoon cloud movements during June to September.
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    The best time to travel Jaipur is mid-September, you will really enjoy your trip.
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    Going to Jaipur in Rajasthan is best during the middle of September to March. During this time, the tourist season is at its peak in Jaipur. The weather conditions are favorable. There is temperate weather throughout Jaipur during this time, and is perfectly suited for tourist visits.
    Being to Jaipur in Rajasthan, during this season, you can beat the heat as well as enjoy your tour to complete satisfaction.

    Jaipur also celebrates quite a number of festivals. Festivals are popular throughout India. So, you can visit Jaipur during some of these festivals and get a closer look of the local life of the city. The Elephant festival takes place on the 3rd of March every year. In this, elephants, are groomed beautifully and are made to walk in front of an enthusiastic audience. They are a mimic to the models who walk on the ramp. The festival just heralds Holi and it is a unique experience to be a part of it.
    The Camel festival is another interesting and colorful event which takes place between the 2nd and 3rd January. The camels perform amazing dance and activities on the instruction of their trainers.
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    Yes December is a great time to visit Jaipur. There will be a bit of chill around in the air though but there are plenty of special things happening in the festive month of december and it would be quite an experience indeed.
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    December is best time to visit Rajasthan Jaipur because at this time wonderful Qlimax in Jaipur.

    So you can go and Enjoy Memorable Tour.
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    Hey Mriduldey,

    Yes, you can visit jaipur on last of december.
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