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Surfing Spots In The Maldives



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    Hello Michelle,

    With thousands of islands and atolls there is a huge number of good surfing spots. It depends what type of surfer you are, what kind of breaks you like etc.

    Here are the best of the best, to start you off:

    Dhonveli Beach and Spa is reputed to be the top surf stop-over in the Maldives. The resort has access to two of the best surfs in North Male. Surfers are given accommodation at Dhonveli Beach and Spa itself and in the nearby resorts. If you want to surf outside of North Male' atoll, you will have to book a reservation on a live aboard.

    Pasta Point, is a long peeling left with exclusive access to Thari Village. Five miles away you find Honkys and Sultans. Honkys is a long wrapping left and is reputed to be the best wave in the Maldives. Sultans is a right with barrels.

    Following are the some of the other famous surf points in the Maldives:

    Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili), Uninhabited island. Eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll.

    Thulusdhoo, Atoll Capital. Eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll.

    Male’, the capital. Eastern reef of Male’, Southern tip of North Male’ Atoll.

    Boduhuraa, Uninhabited Island near the Palm Tree Island Resort. Eastern Reef of South Male’ Atoll.

    Male' Island Point
    Full Moon Beach Resort, Furana Fushi Island, Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

    Kandooma Resort, Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

    Piddlies / Ninjas
    Kanifinolhu Resort. Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

    Gulhigaathuhuraa, uninhabited island attached to Palm Tree Island Resort.

    Guraidhoo, Inhabited Island. Eastern Reef of South Male’ Atoll.

    Tomb Stones
    Thamburudhoo (Uninhabited Island), Adjacent to ‘Sultans’. Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

    Twin Peaks
    Miyaru Faru near the island of Gulhi, inhabited island, Eastern Reef of South Male’ Atoll.
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    is there any place where i can kite surf or any water sports center to teach me to kite surf
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    Yes many Place ! Kuredhoo island is one of the best
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    How to go kuredhoo
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    Hi Miky,

    If you looking for a surf holiday in resort or in a local island either way sent an email to [email protected]
    I traveled couple of years before with them and their service is great and they have packages for surfing to diving.. If you looking for Kite surfing too i'm sure they will have something to offer.

    Good luck
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    I was surprised that there is much surf in the Maldives as I only knew of people going for serious relaxation on perfect beaches or the romantic stilted-water-bungalow experience..... I assumed it was still and calm waters all around the islands with good snorkelling and diving. Well surfing is another bonus to add to the tropical paradise!

    My friend who surfs and kite surfs, too has enlightened me and says that June to August has the most potential for big swells but tropical storms can be common at this time too.

    September and October are usually good for swell and with tropical storms becoming less frequent. November is still good for small to medium size waves and the weather is more likely to be dry.
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    Hi Mikki,

    The North Male Atoll contains the better known breaks such as Lohis, Cokes, Chickens, Sultans, Jailbreaks, Honkys and Ninjas. These breaks offer a mix of rights and lefts for both the recreational and the high performance surfer, averaging 3-8ft and featuring some long point breaks as well as some shallow reefs. The North Male breaks can be accessed either by Manthiri Cruiser or from Lohifushi Island Resort.

    The Outer Atolls, approximately 300 miles to the South, contain at least a dozen, potent world class reef breaks that are rarely surfed, and this zone is fickle, with the right winds occurring only in two narrow windows generally from February to April and September to November. This area can only be accessed by means of a well-equipped surf charter vessel like Manthiri. The swells in the Outer Atolls are usually a few feet bigger than the North Male Atoll.
    For more information please visit
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    For kite surf or any water sports activities Paradise Island Resort & Spa is the best place to be. They have got the Modern advanced equipments and quality instructors there.
    We offer any kind of Holiday packages to Maldives. Moreover we operates safaris in Maldives.
    feel free to contact me at [email protected]
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    found this very useful! Thanks
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