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Bad time to visit Vietnam?

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I have holiday to Vietnam booked for early december. Ho chi minh, down south, then back up to nha trang and hoi an. I have been tracking the heavy storms that have been hitting central vietnam over the past month or so. Does anyone know if the coastal areas have been affected and if the beaches are still in good condition? What sort of weather can I expect in December?


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    I just returned from Vietnam (10/12/09 - 11/01/09), including some of the places you mentioned and had a wonderful time. The beaches are in great shape. The weather was very hot and humid with some crazy down pours that would randomly appear, but they didn't last very long. Make sure you take something light and waterproof (like a Rain Poncho)... it was too hot for anything else... you can probably buy one there. I am not sure how the weather will be in a month from now... but it was a fun time for me... shorts, t-shirt, sandals is all I needed (not sure what you will want). Just make sure to check the weather reports before you leave
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    This period (December in Vietnam) is good season for your holiday, normally from June to November there are storms in Vietnam. Please enjoy your holiday in Vietnam
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    under normal circumstances it should be dry and warm weather in the southern Vietnam in December, and the dry season should have been here, but the last couple of days HCMC have had heavy rain. However, I would definately not change any southern Vietnam holiday in December.
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    Hi, I am traveling to HCMC 1/2/10 for 3 weeks; what will the weather be like?
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    Nha Trang is beatiful! However, be attentive during massage. A masseause simply took my money from my bag, and administration did not take preventive measures.
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    Four ladies early 60's going on 'girls holiday' to Vietnam early Sept10.
    Any suggestions as best places to see in Hanoi, not interested in Mausoleums etc
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    We are planning a holiday to Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City in either December or March. Which is the best time to travel?
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    Vietnam just has two seasons: sunny and rainy, except from Ha Noi where the four seasons are more clearly. The weather in December in Vietnam is cool and this month is a great period for beach vacations I think. I'm gonna have a trip to Nha Trang this July and can't wait for it.
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    @Kelly: In Hanoi, you could see Ethnic Museum, Temple of Literature, West Lake, Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Ngoc Son Temple, Women’s Museum, Art Museum, Army Museum, Cathedral, Opera House, Water Puppet Theater and French Architechture. Specially, walking in Old Quarter is a good ideal, it located in the center of Hanoi, it's also called "Hanoi old street" that includes 36 streets, but nowadays many streets don't exist; you should taste Hanoi food here.
    From Hanoi you could visit some nearly places such as Halong bay, Hoa Lu Temple - Vietnam ancient citidal, Tam Coc (three caves) with rice fields... in 1/2 day tour.
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    Kelly - the two best experiences in Hanoi is the Old Quarter - great for exploring at leisure on foot, and the day trip to Halong Bay. It really is incredible there. I would opt to spend a night out that way if you can. Please see our Hanoi city guide for more info on what to see and do while you're there.
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    Don't miss Hoan Kiem Lake (it means the lake of the restored sword) near Old Quarter. Have fun in Hanoi!
  • Hi Haze! Both December and March are good times to visit Vietnam. March will be a bit hotter than December, but still a good temperature throughout the country. In terms of flights, you will be able to get a better deal if you travel in March as it is slightly out of the peak holiday season.
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    Hi Haze, it will be a bit chilly in Dec. Mar. in Vietnam, especially in the North. The cities to the South will be warmer (Ho Chi Minh city and Hoi An) while it will be much colder in Hanoi. In March, it will be only a couple of weeks after Tet (Vietnam's Lunar New Year) so there will be many traditional festivals taking place. You can try or for more information.
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    The best time to visit Vietnam is between November and April as this is the dry season. No matter when you decide to travel, you should be able to find sunshine at one of the beach destinations Vietnam has to offer.
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    I am taking a trip to Vietnam for the fisrt time, starting off in HCMC and ending up in Hanoi. I hope to see much in between. I will be there for the whole month of June. Have I picked the wrong month to go weather-wise? Should I put the trip off for a better month? When would that be? Thanks everyone. Ed
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    June is summer in VIetnam, so it's great time to travel to Vietnam. However, the hotel may be full in weekend, especially at beach destinations such as Nha Trang, Mui Ne, ...
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    At that time, weather is so good, the sevices often is Full. But only on the beach another is ok, You Should get plan as soon as posiple
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    This page contains a useful guide to the climate in Vietnam in December, along with other destinations in South East Asia and the other months of the year.
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    The tricky thing about Vietnam is that there's no perfect time to go to all parts of the country at the same time. You have to make some comprimises with more chance of rain in the south if you want perfect sunny days in the north and vice versa.

    My pick for the best months are April, May or October for all round Vietnam travel months. If you're sticking to the south, November to February are great whilst the northern parts of Vietnam enjoy their best weather in October and November. Central Vietnam can be home to some serious typhoons from July to November but even this isn't guaranteed.

    Do your homework and work out what's more important to you and your itinerary. Check out this page on Vietnam weather and make sure to see the different graphs for temperature and rainfall charts. And don't stress! If you keep a flexible itinerary and don't pre-book tours, you can leave it up to the weather forecast on the day to decide what you do.


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    To me the best time to visit Ha Noi would be in August-October as this time is the fall season. The landscape is really beautiful, enjoy nice foods down the 36 street market, riding around the Hoan Kiem's lake or walking and relaxing...

    Best time to travel down the south like Saigon would be in November-February as this time is the festival time. Many activities, many events happened around like Christmas, New year's eve, Lunar New Year. And i agree with PasstheCoconut is there's no perfect time to travel all the parts of Vietnam.

    The best tip is plan your trip before hand (i.e. places you want to visit, transport, costs, accommodation) and go with the flow.
    Hopes this help and enjoy!
    P.s. purchase travel insurance (Baoviet or Liberty) if you can (just in case) as the travel agency usually never cover this. Enjoy sound and safe folks!
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