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is the nigeria government doing anything about the scams

edited April 2011 in - West Africa
Can any one tell me if there is a department in the nigeria police that deals with the scams from nigeria?


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    I am pretty much 100% certain that the Nigerian police do not give a crap about westerners who have got ripped off via scams over the internet. they don't care, what with all the murders, insurrections, hijackings and kidnaps they are dealing with.
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    Hi Simo21
    You recon they would as it is hurting there country. I know that is is one of the larges country for internet scams. You think if they works on this issue that there would be not so much negative out there about the country.
    Do you know any stories or people that have anything positive to say about nigeria? I would like to make contact with people who have visited nigeria or any women that have positive stories about meeting parents there?

    Thank you

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