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would like to know weather in Istabul & Ankara now...

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Hi, can advise me how is the weather in Istabul & Ankara now? Cos i ll go Istabul on next monday (25 Apr 2011), then ankara on Wednesday (27 Apr 2011). Thanks.

Justin Choo (Malaysia)


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    The weather now is wonderful..all blue skies... Have a wonderful time in Turkey..
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    How many celcius in day time and night time?

    Thank and Regards,
    Justin Choo
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    Check out for weather forecasts.
    showing and 13-15 degC for Istanbul on Monday and Tuesday and 18deg C for Ankara on Wednesday. Be prepared for the odd shower of rain though. Not unusual at this time of year.
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    it is changing between 8 and 16 Celsius these days.
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    Tqvm, Calledman. And what currency is safe for me to bring n spend in turkey? USD, GBP or EURO?
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    You are form Malaysia so bring whichever gives you the best exchange rate!!! If you are from the UK bring GBP with you. Change a little into lira for the first day or so. There are plenty of ATMs that accept most debit cards as well but your UK bank may well charge for use abroad. If you are from the Euro zone bring Euros and from the US bring US$.
    Generally speaking if your card has the Visa/Mastercard/Cirrus logo you will be fine for withdrawing money and making purchases.
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