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Driving through Croatia with car hire from Dubrovnik to Split

We are visiting Croatia in June this year and are landing in Dubrovnik . we intend spending a few days driving around and ending up in Split. As we use S.A. passports we have to apply for a visa to Croatia. Does anyone know if we need to apply for visas to Bosnia/ Herzegovinia (as we drive through Neum) and Slovenia as we will be taking the coastal road??


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    No idea! However, you need to contacf the Bosnia Consulate/Embassy to be sure before you go! If you need recommendations on great places to stay while in Dubrovnik or Split, for reasonable costs, let me know. I have wonderful contacts and great people whom you can trust to show you around, too. They can find what you want. They are local tour/B&B agents.
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    Thanks Crissy, that will be wonderful - we will definately be looking for somewhere to stay before we board our charter.
    I will contact embassy - just wondered if anyone out there knew (althought I know it changes 'daily' ;-) )
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    Hi bugscleghorn.

    If you are from South Africa you will need visa to cross through Bosnia. On the Bosnian website "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" they say:

    "Citizens of the Republic of South Africa are required visas when entering, exiting or travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Consular help will be provided by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London, United Kingdom or by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tripoli, Libya."

    You can check it out yourself here:

    I wish you luck with this.
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    Thanks, will follow up again. I checked with the Embassy for Croatia, described to them our route and they advised we don't need a visa, HOWEVER, I Will follow up as you suggest .................for obvious reasons............. once I have a clear (satisfying) answer, I will post advice. once again thanks........
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    The only route that doesn't require visa is if you take a ferry from Dubrovnik to Split :)
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    Thanks - I have written to the Embassy in the UK and await their response - will be interesting to see their response (if I get one!) ;-)
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    What did the embassy say about needing a visa for travelling through the Neum corridor?
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    Interesting...I get two answers One, you do'nt need one and one, you do need one so I am none the wiser Ha! ha! We will obtain our Croatian visa and probably catch a ferry if needs be.... Thanks for following up - sorry I did not revert (but I suppose I still don't have a satisfactory answer...) ;-)
    When you are a South African citizen, it appears travel is sometimes more of a challenge than have no idea the amount of paperwork required to obtain a visa for 'anywhere' , we have to plant more forests in order to satisfy the embassy's needs....
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    I understand your trouble :) Sorry to hear about that. I know it's sometimes too much trouble with visas. If you take ferry then you won't have any problems but you will lose half a day for that journey. It can still be fun though.
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    The Serbia/Montenegro embassy in Pretoria require a visa of south africans for one day visit from Dubrovnik to Montenegro coastal town. I imagine Bosnia will require a visa to travel through Neum corridor. Please let us know what you find out.
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    We have only just received our Schengen visas as we are travelling through Amsterdam and will now apply for the Croatian visa and make further enquiries. Everyone is a bit vague so the best is to opt for the Ferry crossing (By passing the small strip of BIH). Studying Google maps shows the best way(less hassle for S.A Citizens) to travel. Will let you know when and if I get any clear information.
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    No Visa Needed:

    Nationals of all EU countries

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
    Other countries with visa exemption

    Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brasilia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Macau, Malaysia, Macedonia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, USA, Vatican City and Venezuela.
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    Thanks all for advice / comments
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    OK, so here's the next one...... we are sailing from the Port at Kremik - as we will be dropping off the car the day before departure, any suggestions where to overnight that is close by - there will be five of us and we would prefer a B&B ? The same applies to when we return a week later .!!?? ;-)
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    My name is Franica and I am licensed guide for Dubr.region for English and Italian. My advice is not to get visa for Neum passage because it takes only 10 minutes or 25 km of Bosnia and Herzegovina coastline.If I were you I would rather explore peninsula of Pelješac that is the most important winegroving region of Croatia, try local wine called Dinga?( of course if you are not the one driving because it gets direct to your head), or treat yourself with a nice lunch at Ston seafood restaurants that will serve you the best oyster in Europe(ostrea edulis), known for its aprodisiac properties.If you are really keen to make most of it than you can also try the stroll along the Ston walls that are 5.5 km long , built in 14 century above Stone are to protect the saltern thah had brought a fortune to Dubrovnik Republic in the past.
    After Ston you will drive through picturesque area with thousands of vineyards and olive grows and small charming villages . When you reach place called Trpanj you can take 1hour ferry to Plo?e, and from Plo?e it only takes cca.2 hrs to arrive to Split. That way you will avoid the trouble getting visa for just passing trough Neum, and you will make the most of it while visiting the south of Croatia .If you are going to stay for few days in Dubrovnik than I would advise you to visit Dubrovnik museums, walls, and find a little bit about Dubrovnik glorious past. G. Bernard Shaw once wrote : If you are looking for paradise on earth you should visit Dubrovnik!
    If you need some more information let me know, I would be glad to inform you.
    p.s. For timetable for ferry from Trpanj to Plo?e go to Jadrolinija website.
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    Hi Franica,

    Thanks so much for your advice. We are spending two nights in Dbrv. and have a travel guide book.

    Please let me have your contact details in case we require your services whilst there.

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    Dear Elaine,
    I hope you holiday planning will be soon over and you will have the best vacation ever in our country. If you need any advice about places to visit ,things to do , can contact me on the following address: [email protected]

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    I second the Idea to avoid paying for the extra visa and just go fom Peljesac peninsula to the mainland via ferry you can even take the car with you!!

    and that is THE PLACE to watch the sunset anywhere between Ploce and Makarska -peninsulas and islands with the sun setting behind them and a mountain massive on the other side ... ...

    You will understand when you're there:P
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    Anyone know of a good b/b to stopover one night between Dubrovnik and Split ?
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    We are also going for European vacation this Christmas. Is there any common EU VISA for tourist from Australia. Also, what are the car hire possibilities in EU. Does it have a common permit for driving in all EU nations.

    used cars for sale
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    Sorry cannot help with regards to Australia, as we are from South Africa. We hired a car from both Eurocar and Europcar without any problems and no multiple permits required... We drove from Croatia through to France using Europcar and after barging in Ffrance used Eurocar. They have lots of drop off and pickup points all over.....
    What I did learn was that to get an international driver's licence is not necessary as one's existing licence is enough so don't waste money on them.
    Good luck and enjoy - we had a fabulpous time and cannot wait to return
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    We are a group of 7people and will be travelling from Dubrovnik to Split this coming April, is there any private transfer or public transport that is easily accessible? Quote me the price and how long the journey take.

    I'm just wonder what are the popular things must do in Split and where can I get an apartment at a reasonable price in a good location?
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    Hi guys, great tips here about Croatia. I'm thinking of doing my honey moon there soon. Just wanted to question the visas for South Africans. It says we need one on the consulate website, and that you haev to be there in person. Has anyone done this? Did you actually drivet o Pretoria, or could you get a compnay to do it for you? Anyone done this recently? thanks for any help, Clint
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    Dubrovnik to Split is a very popular route that offers spectacular sea views along the way. All the private and public transportation facilities are easily accessible for this route and if you have a tight budget then bus is the cheapest mode of transport. There is a frequent bus service for this route. But personally I would recommend hiring a car as this way you can stop in between and explore some of the lovely coastal villages along the way. For a group of persons, it is an affordable mode to opt as the expenses are shared. Personally I have a good experience with as they offered me a nice car at quite reasonable rate. It is a sort of broker firm that has tie ups with big brands and you may approach them for car rental.
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    Hey there Clint,

    We used visaExpress which saved a lot of time and hassle - nthe courier services was excellent and not too expensive. We hired a car from Europcar -perfect!
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    Thanks for your information, our group decided to use cab from Dubrovnik to Split, do you know any company able to give a reasonable rate, so far we have found a company offering us for 240euro.

    Can you name the coastal villages which is a must for me to visit along the way from Dubrovnik to Split?

    Thanks again XD
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    I am a South African living in Europe and have been to Croatia MANY times, including the route Split Dubrovnik. You do NOT require a visa to cross the few miles owned by Bosnia. There is an agreement between the Croat and Bosnian Governments about this. I travelled the route last summer (2010) by car and had already enquired before hand. Don't waste time and money on a Bosnian visa unless you want to visit it. A beautiful country worth a visit I might add.
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    Dubrovnik to Split is partly old road and a new highway inland. The inland route of course misses out the fantastic scenery. The advice to hire a car is a must. On route visit Ston and Mali Ston and the beach of Prapratno, all in the same area, then carry on up the old coast road built by Napoleon's troops to Baska Voda and Markaska, hire a jet ski and go out into the sea and as you turn around and come back the view of the mountains is spectacular. Have a lovely evening meal in that area. In Split you need to really go to Trogir, just north and if possible take a ferry to the island of Brac and visit the beach of Zlatni Rat. If you have time and the weather allows take a day trip from Split to the island of Bisevo in whic there is the most beautiful natural phenomenon of the blue grotto cave, a must to see. Be careful driving up the coastal road as some of the drivers take unnecessary chances as it is only a double lane highway and do not be fooled by the kilometer distance as the time to drive is double that of using a highway. There is so much else, it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe by far, if not the world. Enjoy!
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    Hi Carl,

    Thanks so much for advice - we have completed the trip and (thankfully) did not waste money on a Bosnian visa....;-) just to drive through We stayed in Trogir, visited Brac etc and sailed for a week around the magnificient islands.. The car hire was great and we drove all the way to France via Italy and Switzerland - magnificient views (and exactly as you explained - some maniac drivers ha ha ) I loved Croatia and will definately be back
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    We are also SA citizens and travelling to Croatia and travelling with a rented car between Split to Dubrovnik. We have been informed that the ferry is NOT operational and that we should get Bosnian visa's. I have being trying for more than a week to contact the Bosnian Consulate in London(as we thereis no Bosnian Embassy in SA) with no response. Any advise, please?
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    Hi Saar, we are just investigating this, did you get an answer in the end? Did you need a visa?
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    To rent a car is a good idea.Recently I rented a car in Naniko in Sarajevo and had a trip to Dubrovnik. I rented Nissan Micra-it was small and nice car and very economic.
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