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Studying Abroad in Egypt

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I am looking to study abroad for a month over my winter break in Egypt. We would be traveling to the main cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, and etc. My parents believe Egypt to be unsafe, I was wondering if someone can tell me a little about Egypt and the crime. Is it safe for me to travel there? I really would love to go there and explore a place as amazing as Egypt.


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    Egypt is a safe country, alot of tourists come to visit Egypt every day without any problem.
    Go a head and come to see the pyramids, meet the pharaohs, kiss the sphinx and enjoy sun set over the river nile
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    you are so lucky.
    i am egyptian and i was wishing i could study aboard but i am still trying to convince my parents lol
    i go to a cuny at new york and i hope of studying aboard by next year :)

    i think you will have an amazing time and if you will be at the AUC you will have an awesome time and will make so much friends just try to stick with people you know until you make new friends.

    have fun and good luck!!

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    hi Lauren10, Egypt is safe now after the protests finished. a lot of tourists come to visit Egypt everyday and of course, they intend to visit Tahrir Square where the revolution was made. The police along with the Armed Forces rule the country well and the government do its best to improve tourism and attract a large numbers of Tourists from all over the world. a lot of countries removed banning towards visiting Egypt and also many Mediterranean ships returned to its original schedule and dock in Alexandria and Port Said Port.
    Don't worry at all. We promise you will enjoy a lot.
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