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transport from Sabiha G

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I was looking to use the local transport system from Sabiha G


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    If you use that airport in ?stanbul,there are only 2 ways to Antalya:
    1:Use local bus from A?rport to BUS TERMINAL called Harem Otogar.From BUS TERMINAL,you can buy your bus ticket to ?stanbul.There are many bus companies for Antalya.But ULUSOY and VARAN are some of the best bus companies.Ticket to Antalya between 50TL-70TL/25EURO-35 EURO per person.(?stanbul-Antalya bus journey takes 11 hours)

    2:You can also fly to Antalya from Sabiha G
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    The best way to have flight to Antalya.
    It is simplest, cheapest and fastest method. is the link for PEGASUS AIRLINES.
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    Hi Squash

    Pegasus airlines are good and cheap! Not bad for a budget airline. Atlasjet have flights as well ( but from Ataturk airport in Istanbul. Anadolu Jet fly from Sabiha to Antalya at around 60 Euros for one way

    If you are keen to travel by bus several companies run services between the 2 cities. Average travel time is 12 hours.

    These are the main ones

    Kamil Koc
    Ulusoy - English website

    Most run from the Buyuk Autogar. Usually you can just turn up and book a ticket for that day but at night and in the main peak of the season pre booking is probably wise. Many of the companies run a service from Harem Otogar on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.
    Are you intending to explore Turkey on the way? If so buses are a great way as they are very comfortable, have a hostess service on board and usually air conditioned. If you just want to get from A to B as quickly as possible domestic flights are the best way for these sort of distances.
    have fun :o)
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    You can book your domestic flight or bus on internet easily.As all flight and bus companies are selling tickets on their web site online.I would use VARAN or ULUSOY bus companies as they are a bit better than other ones..
    Bus travel is tiring and long as it takes 12 hours appr.But if you travel at night,you will have plenty of time for sleeping.
    Bus will stop 2 times for about 30 minutes on the way to Antalya.Your final stop will be ANTALYA OTOGAR.You can take a bus to Antalya center or a taxi..
    If you need any help in Antalya about your local transportation such as hotel or city center,I can help you to arrange it.
    You can just send me an mail before you make final arrangements.
    [email protected]
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    I fink it wood b very esy 2 get a bus. U wood b accepted 2 pay in cach. Vey tak Russian Rubbles I fink? Hop dis helps.
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    My flight lands at 19:00 at S. Gokcen aeroport and i need to get to Ankara. What it's the best way? take the E10 bus from the aeroport to Harem otogar ,this bus takes me close to Harem? I will be traveling alone and I don't know what to do.
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