What to miss in Europe?

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In a quick tour of Europe, about three weeks, I will want to see as much as possible. What are some places that are duds and I can skip over?


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    That´s difficult, because it is not known what you like... I would definitely recommend Seville in Spain. Very beautiful, heaps of culture, old buildings... Would be good to know what you´re in to.
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    Generally speaking aim to skip the famous tourist traps which are expensive and inauthentic. Look out for: London Dungeons, Carnaby street; the sex-themed attractions of Amsterdam, even Las Ramblas in Barcelona.
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    The Eiffel Tower has just been voted the most disappointing attraction in Europe by the Telepgraph newspaper:

    There are some other places on their list i agree with: Stonehenge is really just a pile of rocks, and the Pyramids are just ttoally commercialised and its very, very hot!
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    It´s very difficult....................

    have a nice day
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    Skip Tuscany; it's beautiful but has been overrun by tourists and expats from Britain. Go for Umbria in Italy instead, less spoiled and more interesting terrain. I'd skip London altogether, it's a large, cosmopolitan city -- and they're much the same around the world -- NYC, London. I liked Paris however, but I stayed in an apartment in the north end for two weeks, so it's not the same as zipping and zipping out. Just pick three countries, or even two and spend your time in place somewhere to get the real feel for living there. I spent three weeks in Italy, Umbria-Tuscany-Rome and I probably would go back and spend the whole time in the first place. I've been planning a vacation for this summer as well and thinking about going only to Prague and Amsterdam. Don't make it so much about "seeing things," just try to slow yourself down and enjoy some of what there is.

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