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Resorts in Antalya

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I have been told by a dentist to book an hotel in Lara, but the prices of Lara are too expensive, all I want to do is find nearest resorts to Lara so I can book cheaper hotel. Yet the maps online do not seem to want to show this information, I know about Belek but not if it is near to Lara, I also know Side but again not if it is near to Lara. As I am keen to book and I have asked the dentist many questions, I would rather find out this information myself possibly from someone here on this forum.


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    Possibly your dentist is thinking of the travelling time to him etc and how easy it is to access him. May be an idea to look at pensions instead of hotels. Pensions offer basic clean accommodation. You could check out the reviews on other websites.
    I found this after a quick search on the internet.
    Also the time of year you come will affect the price.
    If you are having extensive dental work done (not sure what you are having) a lot of dentists here will pay for your hotel but not always your flights. I know of at least one dentist that does pay for hotels or can arrange cheap rates depending on the work you are having done.
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    To get to Lara from Belek you would need a car or Taxi, Side is even further away.Here are some Antalya hotels that are better than average with a price of about 160 Euro per room per week in June. What price do you want to pay and do you want full board?

    Deja Vu Boutique Hotel 2 Star Hotel

    Deja Vu Boutique hotel is located right in the center of the Antalya city, 10 km from the Antalya International Airport and 1 km from the beach. Services and facilities: Reception, bar/lounge, concierge services, currency exchange, tours assistance, Internet access, laundry service, library, parking, bar, restaurant on site, room service, sauna, car rental on site, garden and pool. Room facilities and amenities: A/C, High-speed Internet access, telephone, mini bar, hair dryer, safe, satellite TV and desk.

    Argos Hotel 4 Star Hotel

    This is a small luxury hotel which offers guests nicely decorated, comfortable rooms and a spacious restaurant with Turkish cuisine. Guests may make use of facilities including a foyer with 24-hour reception desk, safe, cloakroom and a currency exchange facility. In addition, the hotel offers a newspaper kiosk and various shops as well as a small supermarket. Dining options include a cafe, a bar and a restaurant with highchairs for infants. An Internet terminal is on offer within the hotel as well as room and laundry services.

    Karyatit Hotel 3 Star Hotel

    This peaceful, comfortable city hotel was renovated in 2005 and is built around a beautiful garden. It comprises a total of 30 rooms, of which 3 are disability-friendly, spread over 3 floors. Guests are welcomed in an entrance area with 24-hour reception, a hotel safe and currency exchange facility. Among the other facilities on offer are a cafe, a bar, a TV room and a restaurant, in which delicious Turkish meals are on offer. The experienced and friendly staff is happy to help with the organisation of city tours and car hire. Room service (charges apply) completes the range of conveniences on offer.

    Oscar Boutique Hotel 3 Star Hotel
    Built in 1994 and renovated in 2009, this 2-storey hotel comprises a total of 42 rooms and has a large, sheltered garden with orange trees. Facilities include a 24-hour reception desk, a safe(payable), a currency exchange counter and both an indoor and outdoor bar/restaurant and TV corner. Guests are invited to make use of the public Internet terminal, and room and laundry services as well as medical assistance are also on offer (additional charge).
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    Thank you for all of your comments, so Belek is too far away from Lara? and so is Side.
    squash the toad you posted many links to hotels in Antalya but are they in Lara? I will have to look at them and find out. Thank you clarecg for your link, much more my price but the destinations are not always clear to me, anyhow I have new info to look at so thank you both for posting. I am not having a lot of work done like implants just crowns over implants, and I have to take my daugher with me, so need to pay for her too.
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    If you would like some more information on other dental options in more affordable areas give me a shout. Our family dentist is very reasonable and there are a lot of affordable hotels just a short hop away from him. He does excellent work as well and is extremely gentle as I know from experience!!! He has cured my raging toothache on mre than one occasion. What didn't help was my husband standing there giving me a running commentary while a wisdom tooth was being extracted! Just what I needed :o(
    I'll have an ask around at work tomorrow for more affordable hotels for you as one or two of my colleagues live in that area.
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    Hi calrecg
    I would love to find a good dentist who can do crowns over NuclOSS implants and does sedation. He would need to supply the abutments too. If you have a local list of those who speak English I would appreciate very much. Thank you Or even more affordable places in Lara that I can book. Ideally I prefer to have self catering or at least the right facilites to make tea and a fridge
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    Ok I'll get together what i can for you and hopefully get back to you tonight :o)
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    Apologies for the delay - been very very hectic at work. Our feet haven't touched the ground this week! I will ask when we return on Monday (holiday tomorrow and friday for us!!!) Would you like me to ask my dentist his prices for your work? That way you will know whether it's cheaper and worth getting a hotel in Lara. When are you planning on coming?
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    thanks for your posting, I cant come until Sep 30 as my daughter needs to get time of work. Prices are too expensive in Lara, so was hoping to get a cheaper place. She has now said that I could get Belek so that is good. Know what you mean my feet have not touched post either. It has been complicated for me trying to get a dentist and somewhere to stay in Turkey. As I have the implants done already and just need the crowns, dentists still want the sizes of the implants, add to that, that I want sedation or WAND or other pain free injection. So it has been hard, but any further info you could get for me is much appreciated.
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    Such a shame this forum does not have a private messaging system then I would send you a private message re this. My dentist definitely gave me an excellent service and his implants, crowns etc are excellent. We are actually in the process of setting up a website but due to my work pressure this has been slow at the moment. I was so impressed that he used a spray on lignocaine before even touching my mouth!!! His surgery is amazingly clean as well - he even has you wear disposable shoe covers to prevent any infections etc. I will chat to him later for you :o)
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    clarecg - I'll send you each other's emails addresses shortly!
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    Thanks David - saves discussing dental details on a travel forum!!!
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