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Driving from Mexico to Canada, Any Tips!!!

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Hi there

A mate and I are looking at flying to Chili and doing some backpacking up the west coast, and into Mexico. After that we are looking at buying a vehicle that will take us both through Mexico the US and on to Canada, and then maybe Alaska (not too sure which path to follow). We are looking at working in the US as we were told you can get a US working visa.

We are not sure where to look and even our options, when buying a car, licences and getting across boarders and visas. If anyone has any tips or helpful info please let me know. It would be great to here from you.

Thanks... Josh


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    As far as where to drive up the west coast stay on the 101. It is the coastal drive that stretches the entire coastline, going through Big Sur and Canyon beach and the redwood forests. For a car i would look on Craiglist down in San Diego, or where you cross the boarder. As far as a working visa, it depends on many factors including where you are from, your skills and family connections but good luck. It may be easier to just get a holiday visa and work for jobs under the table. Also think about taking the Alaska ferry from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska.
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    Hey Josh,

    I am not sure about the US. Bear in mind that driving rules vary state by state so you should google the DMV for each state you plan to go through to see if they accept an international drivers' license or whatever kind you have. The US is probably the cheapest and easiest place on earth to buy a car so I would focus more on making sure you are legal to drive. Once you pass that hurdle, purchasing a car shouldn't be too tough.

    Driving into Mexico requires a different insurance policy and a bunch of paperwork. It is definitely a very nice way to see Mexico but is probably the most expensive common form of transport in Mexico. Toll roads are very expensive and insurance is quite expensive too. This is coming from recent roadtrip experience. Plus you are legally required to remove the car from Mexico after you are done with it. I have more about driving into Mexico on my blog at

    Check out the J1 visa for working in the US. It is for temporary visitors to experience the culture of the US by travelling and working. I think it is easier to get if you are from Europe. It is often called the "au per visa"

    Good luck and happy travels!
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    I’ve compiled information that many people find useful as it covers a whole host of issues that people encounter driving in Mexico from traffic laws to fines as well as insurance and what the police can and cannot do. It is a must have for people driving in Mexico and it is free.

    I give out the link to download it as I do make revisions and always upload the new revision.

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