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Travel 4 -5days trip to italy

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Me and my husband planning to go to Italy for 4-5 days.Coudl anyone suggest us what are the best places to visit in?how much time needs to be spend more at which places?Any good websites to get more info.As we will be travelling from UK

Thanking you in advance.


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    the best places in Italy? obviously Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Amalfi, Assisi, ....

    but having only 4 days, you should focus just on a couple of these cities without spending too much time in the transfers from one to another city:
    e.g. : Rome + Florence // Rome + Naples // Naples + Sorrento // Venice + Padua

    or you can be interested in Rome + Florence + Venice with an overnight train
    or rent a car and plan a trip to Sicily, visiting 5 different Sicilian cities

    a good tip could be this: book a flight to the 1st city and get back from the 2nd one
    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for your valuable advice!Could you please help me out which is the best combination/place to vist of the four choices you gave.Is it possible to visit Rome+Florence+Venice and sicilian cities in 4-5 days?which city is worthspending more time?
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    Rome+Florence+Venice AND sicilian cities in 4-5 days is not possible.

    as I said, you can arrive in Rome (there are several low cost flights from UK), spend 1-2 days here
    then take the train to Florence (less than 2 hour), another 1 day here
    spend the night in train and wake up in Venice, spend the full day in Venice
    and then get back to UK from Treviso airport (there should be a Ryanair flight to UK)

    for the trains, visit
    for the accomodations, visit
    for the sightseeings,
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    I agree . Rome is a must and Florence and a train to Venice will be fie, but 4-5 days is never really enough in Italy
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    Hi Rakshita.
    Best Place in Italy? Sardinia of course :)
    View this site a lovely hotel in Sardinia, by sea, swimmingpool, wellness center and Spa... excellent hotel.
    Bye. Deborah
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    We are group of 10 people. 2 families(with one children each) and 4 bachelors. Overall 10.
    We are planning four day trip from amsterdam to rome. We will stay at rome and planning to cover vatican city, venice, pisa . yet to finalise things.
    we are hardly aware of accomodation. Which area should we target whereby commutation to sight seeing etc. is nearby. Also which are reasonable hotels. Via search on internet, not able to get good deals and not sure if search is in right direction.
    Please guide as we all are very new to country.
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    talking ab. Rome, in my opinion the area surrounding Vatican City is a good place to stay: here if you'r lucky, you can find something at cheap rates, but most of all the rea is well served by the underground. For this reason, you can easily move in Rome, and you are also walking distance to some of the most important places to visit when in Rome: the Vatican, Vatican Museums, Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza Navona and so on...

    if you accept my suggestion, you should first decide which kind of accommodation you need: hotel/B&B or apartment?
    and if looking for an hotel or B&B, decide which kind and how many rooms you need:
    state your budget: you can choose different areas according to your budget, or - in other words - your budget can decide which areas you can choose and which are too expensive

    after that, you can start a search.
    and doing that, don't forget OUR website...
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    Rome has much to offer to all travellers, whether you're seeking archaeological wonders, amazing shopping deals, or a romantic adventure.
    Depending on your itinerary decide on the best area of Rome to book your accommodation. After all, you certainly don't want to be trekking around town all day and then have to travel for an hour to get back to the Hotel. We suggest you to stay in a Hotel in Rome City Centre

    If you want to stay in Rome and don't spent a fortune in accommodation we suggest you to check our list of cheap hotel.

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