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    ring his embassy as they should know if hes in hospital or find the number of the hospital and give them a call?

    How do you know this man?
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    Can anyone help. I have been offered job in Nigeria. Can you please suggest is it safe for an Indian to work there and what are the precautions needed. Kindly suggest. How much local currency is needed to stay there if accomodation is provided by the company.
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    @Andy - check out this site's expat guide to Nigeria, it has everything you need to know about moving to Nigeria
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    I have painstaking read all the comments and some of the armchair advice posited by this forum agony aunties and Uncles. It unimaginable how people can be so judgemental and prejudice about other people when they are ill informed, poorly informed or scarcely bereft of information. I live in the UK and have travelled the world. And in all the places i have been to you will see the good the bad and the ugly. Once I was in Hong Kong a 4star hotel I lodged stole all my money, thank God I had my Credit card with me. That does not make all Hong Kong hotel bad, In Singapore I was trapped in a lift for almost 55 minutes and by the time I got to my hotel the lady friend that was keeping happy made away with my brand new pair of Shoes, Suite and Tie, does that make Singapore a bad country, After this i have visited Singapore 2 times and stated in same hotel. I have had series of terrible experiences with airlines, Hotel staff and people in various European cities Rome and Amsterdam was terrible, but all Dutch and Italian are not like that. Coming to some Indians who are sounding rather hysteria about Nigeria, Is an oxymoron of the highest other. My last visit to Mumbai was very eventful. I was fortunate to have missed a terror attack a day after i left. India is one place where you could easily be fleece by criminal gangs, especially if you look lost. However, I must add that an average Indian is a decent business man. I cannot brand all Indians as fraudulent. In the UK where I live you hear in the news of mind blowing crimes, in fact there are areas in some British cities that you have to be extremely careful to thread at night. However that does not make the British people all criminals. We hear of mugging in Caribbean cities, but that does not make all West Indians cities unsafe.
    In the US countless crime happens in most urban cities, From New York to LA, Detroit to Chicago you are most likely to be shot by a drive by gunman than being ever shot in Lagos. See link;
    The way I see it is this, if you fell into a scammer trap, you are most likely to be a person with a questionable character and you lack value and decency. How could you want to reap where you did not sow? Someone tells you to send an n amount if you want to help get his trapped late father’s money in a bank and you stupidly sent the money. You are either a moron or a maga (fool).You see the worst part of this is that those Nigerians who commit this scams are not even highly educated. So it beggars believe if half educated can scam the supposedly highly educated westerners, who thinks Africans are all illiterate anyway. So with all your education a common street college dropout could outsmart you...its just crazy. Nigerians are smart, intelligent, welcoming, friendly and very very happy go lucky people, no wonder they have been voted as the happiest people on planet earth. ; ; ; Check out these links to see what really makes Nigerians what they are. Agreed Nigerian have their fair share of evil people like any other country but you could imagine a country with over 150million people, even if 1% is bad, you can imagine what havoc this numbers can do to the rest 148.5million.For those westerner who will not take all the unverified and unauthenticated advices posited on this site and the likes of it, they are making good business returns while the chicken hearted ,gullible and timid minded would be business men will stay over here and moan and whine over dwindling economic fortune of the western countries. To think that you westerners who are responsible for all the known major corporate frauds under the sun like Enron, Fannie Mae, Baring bank, A Brothers, etc. will come here to preach integrity, fidelity and equity beats me hollow.
    For the love seeking ladies who are coming to a forum like this to seek for advice on Nigerian men, I am sorry for you. How dare you come to a place like this to seek for advice when you know that no one man is same? I am very positive that it's this same mistrust and your inability to trust is what have made you to turn away from your own men in the first place. You just can trust any man any more than a Nigerian man, so go away; no Nigerian man wants a distrustful lady like you for a long lasting relation.
    With all the bad press Nigeria, economy and people are still doing exploit all over the world. Do you know that Nigeria has the highest and fastest growing telecommunication market in the world, except maybe china? Do you know Nigerian is now the place of choice for Multinational Banks to invest? Do you know that recently Wall Mart is making plans to enter the Nigerian retail market? Do you know that Nigeria is the new place major record companies to invest because of the high turnover of album sales of Nigerian music? Do you know that Nollywood is the third biggest film industry with over 10billion potential market? Do you know that Nigeria is about to take over from South Africa as the largest economy in Africa? See link-‘to-overtake-south-africa’/ For those of you who will make decision based on presumptions and personal prejudice of self-appointed resident agony uncles and aunties on fora like this, Nigeria do not need men and women like you for business. You do not qualify. We need balanced men and women who have nothing to hide but want to do genuine business.
    Go to Youtube and type in lagos nigeria.And you will see the lagos they do not want you to enjoy.Cheers
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    Do you all these internet love scams can be true for a nigerian that has been out of nigeria for a long time? And I have seen proof of him being out of nigeria for over 10 years, have crossed a border with him and know it is true. I find it hard to believe they are all scamming?? like many say..they are good nigerians...
    Pinky - your story is most intersting to me......because it is the only one to do with a nigerian man that no longer lives in nigeria.... I have met one but he has no money from me, never asked..only came to visit me...his emotions came out after months of talking, not right away..but now are very strong... Would love to talk to you more Pinky. ..
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    My friend is stuck in Nigeria and his ticket expired where can he go to get help. I tried to help him but won't have the money to send for another week. Can or will U.S. Embassy help him or will it time to help in his situation. I do know him its not a scam just want him home. Thanks you for any help or suggestion.
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    Hi Angelcake,
    Would you please email me to : [email protected]
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    Need some help.My friend who is not from Nigeria, is held there for non payment of his goods to be shipped.He never went there before and didn't know the rules and payments of shipping, and the shipping company are taking on hundreds of dollars a day for holding fees.Now he used all his money and know one is willing to help him there.The shipping company put a stop on his plane ticket until his bill is paid.Who can he talk to for help.Can they really keep him there? He has been there for over two months now and his bills are growing higher.The people at seaport are now watching that he doesn't try to skip out on the bill, even though they put a hold on his ticket.The bill is so high that he will never be able to pay it and the shipping company will not let him just leave his goods,he must pay.Please we really need someones help a.s.a.p
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    There are some stupid people in this world. If you have to ask 'Am I being scammed by a Nigerian? He wants money' You deserve it.
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    A shipping company cannot put a 'hold' on someone's ticket. You're being scammed.
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    My friend is Russian. He went to Nigeria for work. His money for the job was deposited into a Swiss Bank Account. He is now stranded in Lagos Nigeria. Is there any one that can help him get out of Nigeria?
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    tell him to contact his embassy!
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    Dear Admin

    Would you please guide me about truck spare parts market location in lagos,and how was the safety and better hotel and area to life for couple of day

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    question for Ght1066
    you may by now have sorted your query with regards the man you discussed i your query to Warren on Nov, 30th 2008, but said you did have photo of this person.. Are you able to share a photo.
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