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Starting a touring business.

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I dont know wether I`m even in the right place, but as it says "experts" in the logo i`m gonna try anyways. I`m interrested in starting a travel business in South Africa, and would love to get some expert advice from people in the tourism industry. Especially with regards to hidden costs, registration papers, insurance, websites/books to consult, people to talk to, and all that kind of start-up info. I`m also open to any other tips and advice that you guys are willing to share. You can never have too much info!

I`m all ears!!

Sarel Schulze


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    Hi Sarel, I presume you are South African? What kind of tourism company do you want to start? Inbound (i.e. international guests visiting SA) or outbound (SA citizens crossing borders into other countries). Make sure you (or the guides you use) have a guiding qualification - creates confidence for both the guide and your clients.

    Make sure you have a registered company (any CA can do it for you around R600-R700) and register the company name so it is yours (you'll need 6 names for the application and hope one of those are acceptable, else you'll need 6 more!). Get a decent website (cost around R4,000 upwards) with company email addresses. [email protected] does not leave the impression of a permanent stable company, but [email protected] creates confidence in company. Get on Facebook and Linked In to make contacts. Register with SATSA (not cheap but international clients put a lot of faith in SATSA logo). Get indemnity and liability insurance from SATIB (not cheap but cya...). The Tourism INdaba in Durban in May is a good one to attend and make contacts - unfortunately just finished two weeks ago! Getaway show is great for meeting safari type contacts.
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