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Safety and comfort traveling in Jo-burg

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We are a mixed race family (black, white and adult kids who are in-between). We will be traveling on Johannesburg in the summer of 2011. We have been told that our mixed race status may present some difficulties - places to stay, restaurants, etc. Is there any truth to this? What, if anything, should we be concerned about? Susan


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    Hi there crisehaltom, great to hear you are travelling to Joburg! It's a vibrant city with so much going on.

    I'm not sure where you heard that mixed race status would prove to be a problem, but I do not agree with it. You are going to one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world. While there may still be some ignorant attitudes left in some peoples minds, in South Africa mixed race citizens number almost the same as whites.

    Anyone who displays an ignorant attitude is not worth the time anyway!
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    I can not agree with you on Jo'burg being a vibrant city. At this point in time, the only thing vibrant in Johannesburg is crime. However, you are right about the place being the most multi-culural country in the world. Your key word here is SAFETY! No matter where you from or what race, you must keep yourself and your family safe.
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    If you stick with the malls, nurseries and restaurants you will be safe, but definately not experience Joburg as a vibrant place. Another option is to take a day pack with no valuables in it and ride in a taxi to the centre of town where you will find an incredibly interesting unique African city, with food you've never tasted before, amazing curios and really friendly people. Take care, of course, but don't hide away in the sanitised white middle class side of the city or you will see nothing of its true character.
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    Hi Crisehaltom

    I live in South Africa, and I can assure you that it will not be a problem at all. People are very accepting of mixed families, and you will definitely see a lot of mixed families here during your visit. No need to worry about that, at all.
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    I am amazed at the negative comments about SA on this forum - the only consolation is that it seems to be all the people that have left SA already. Good riddance I say, it leaves SA with positive, friendly, welcoming, vibrant citizens - the World Cup 2010 soccer tournament was proof of that. Crisehaltom (Susan), Jo'burg is vibrant and ALIVE!! Nowhere in SA has cultural differences more accepted than in our city. If you are planning to go to small, more conservative rural towns you probably will find some prejudice with regards to mixed racial relationships, but if you find it in Johannesburg it is the exception rather than the rule. Be aware of the safety concerns, always ask at your hotel for advice or a tour guide and welcome to my favourite city, Johannesburg. We are truly a rainbow nation! Lizette
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