How would you know if your boyfriend you've met thru internet is for real and not a scammer?

I've met this guy from a certain dating site. He said he's from England and an engineer, never been married and is looking for a lifetime relationship. We've chatted for almost 2 weeks straight, sometimes with webcam and sometimes no webcam. After two weeks of talking everyday, he told me he loves me and want me to be his wife. And since Im already been in love with him, i told him yes. Then he asked for my full address and contact number cause he said he liked to give me our engagement ring, and other material things. So i gave him my full address... The following day, he sent me the receipt of the package from the courier in London, and told me that he already sent me the ring together with a few thousand pounds of money... The next day, somebody called me up and told me he's from customs of malaysia and they had scanned that package and found that there's money in it and according to that guy is a violation to sent money with that package, so they confiscated it. That guy who called me is asking me to pay 500$ thru Western union for the release of that package. If I didn't pay, the package will be in their custody and cannot be delivered to me here in Thailand.... So I asked my boyfriend who sent that package about it, I even gave him the number that guy used to call me, and he said he called the guy and he really believes in that guy's explanation. And my boyfriend is insisting me to pay for that package so it will not be lost and it will be delivered to me and i can use the money that he sent and our engagement ring.
I don't know if this is a scam or he's really innocent about it... Please someone advice me cause I really love him very much but I know I'm a fool if i pay for that package thru western union..


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    This sounds like a classic scam. The easiest way to verify this is to phone the Malaysian Customs Authority and tell them your story. Don't use contact numbers given to you by the men asking for money.

    Someone asking for a money order should always be a red flag. It's untraceable and unrefundable, so perfect for scammers.
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    You fell in love with a scammer with international scam syndicates. Please, don't be inquisitive to know whether there is a package or not because they are simply after your $500 and more.

    Western union has no trace... thats money gone.

    If you would like to play on their intelligence, since the custom authority scanned the package and there's money in it, tell them to open the package, take out their $500 fee and send the balance and the ring to you. simples!


    tell your scammer boyfriend who was able to send thousands of pounds after 2wks to pay the $500 for you, and you will refund when you receive the package. simples

    need more scambaiting tips, do let me know.
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    Thank you guys for your advices and tips. I really appreciate it... But isn't it that scammers hide their faces on webcams while they're baiting their victims? But he does not hide his real face to me... He was actually the one eager to meet me on webcam...
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    Think about it logically. They need you to send them money so they can release a package of... money? That doesn't make sense. Tell them to deduct the $500 from the cash in the package!

    For more info on online scams, here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them. There are also tips on how to see if you're being scammed.
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    Hi Heartbroken
    This story of yours sound very familiar to what im going to face soon. The package is now on the way to my country...with 2 engagement rings, flowers and few thousand pounds! That is so scary and I have nobody to turn to for advice or think of any possible scam or all what we have been through for a mth is FAKE :( I am not sure.
    I knew him online and he sound very nice on phone and occasionally we chat online or via webcam.
    Did he tell you his name? Is there anyway I can contact you via email? Thanks..
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    Hi Capricana
    If you're going thru the same situation right now, i suggest you, don't ever believe him and don't ever send money or any payment for that package. I was once victimized by that scam. Yeah during the first month he seems so nice and is chatting with me via webcam too, he even send me his scanned passport copy, but when i had it checked with their embassy, that passport is fake. He will let you believe that you are the only woman for him, that's why you will think that he is really serious with u, But all his stories and chats with you is only a ploy, a strategy to convince you to believe him. He will even blackmail you if you don't do what he tells you. So i suggest to avoid that scammer. I have a feeling that he is working with the underground syndicates. Goodluck ms. Capricana!
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    My mom started chatting with a certain Paul Newmann in yahoo chat(namesake of an actor?)he said that he works at Eurochopter the largest military & commercial supplier of helicopter and that he grew up as an orphan, raised by priest. He said that his wife died last year 2011 due to cancer & he will be leaving for 3weeks to Iran for some work and he asks my mom for marriage coz he fell for her good nature & wants a new beginning after loosing his wife. So he said he sent a package to my mom containing wedding ring, a cellphone & 9000 $$! He gave a tracking number etc etc after 3days my mom got a call from a certain Malaysian customs dept telling my mom that they confiscated the package coz it contains undeclared currency. The so called 'custom official said that my mom needs. To pay 1500 ringgit as fine so the package would be delivered. My mom phoned the scammer Paul Newmann & told him about the fined amount he said he won't be able to send the money from Iran because apparently he said Americans are not allowed to transfer money?! What?? Good thing my mom told me her story & cautioned her about all this scammers that are going on by the net. I told her to stop communicating with this guy & don't ever ever give any valuable info or bank account details to anybody she chatted through net.! Just so every1 knows & b cautious here are the phone number he used to call my mother - 0012139355816 and the so called Malaysian custom number # 0060163214529 . Thanks!
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    I'm glad I was able to find this forum. I've been dealing with a situation that I suspect is similar to your situations, only it's not me who has an online boyfriend but my mom. She had met this guy, who will remain anonymous for the time being, from Illinois on in August. I am suspicious of the whole thing for several reasons:

    1) She's never actually met him, and he is not willing to come to our city to meet her or even give her a round-trip ticket to go there (He claims that he's too busy working). Instead, he has been talking about packing up all her stuff and moving her there by next year. Not even four months into their relationship, which started almost as soon as they started talking online, and he is already talking about getting married in the coming summer. It seems really rushed to me, especially because he has only talked to her on the phone and online.

    2) Not only does my mom not live in the same state as him, she also is 16 years older than him. The fact that he is choosing to date her, as opposed to someone in his age and area, boggles my mind, especially since she is in her fifties and he in his late thirties. On top of that, she is mentally ill, and I am certain he is aware of this. Not exactly typical behavior.

    3) The information she's told me about him sounds very similar to her three previous online relationships, where they all turned out to be scammers. She says she has talked to his family and that they are completely supportive, yet she had talked to her last e-boyfriend's family. He claims to be a widower with a young child, and so did her last guy. Of course, her last boyfriend had asked her for a $300 money order, and that tipped me off as to his game. She still did not suspect anything until I and my grandfather had convinced her of the truth, granddad having done some investigating into his background.

    4) He apparently has dated other women online, one of which cussed my mother out on Pogo and was trying to cause problems for her.

    I'm really worried. I love my mother, and my gut feeling tells me that something is really off on his end of the situation. I suspect that he will try to take advantage of her, and don't know what I can do to find out the truth about this guy. Does anyone have any ideas? Any information would be appreciated, especially if anyone has heard of e-scammers in Illinois before. My email is If you guys need more information, I would be happy to email it to you.
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    Hmm, I have a very similar boyfriend as listed in the first e-mail too. Although, I have seen him face to face -- I would appreciate knowing what happend as well as his online name or e-mail so that I don't get scammed :(
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    Hey, I have also experienced this kind of scam. The guy whom i met online which says he was form UK said he wants to send me a package. I don't know what's in the package. On the next day someone had called me on phone and i can't understand what he was talking about. he speaks like from an african accent. Then he texted me that his a custom officer in malaysia and my package is been on hold. so I immediately email the guy i met online and he told me that he will call the custom officer immediately. after awhile he told me the custom had ask money of about 500$ to be able to claim the package. he was in a ship and he won't be able to send the money so he ask me to pay it. and when he told me that i already know its a scam.
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    Same story happened to me, I met that guy on the metrodate site, he was italian called "denispaul" but converted to islam and had different names, sometimes, Hassan, Hanif. He sounded so nice and started to ask many things about my family life but never wanted to talk with cam or even phone, only writing, arguing that most important is true feelings. After a while he said he will be travelling to Australia and then told me he bought value stuff to show me his love...and this is where the whole thing appeared.

    I received a call from a guy with asian accent asking me to pay 850$ to release the package to be delivered to my place, so I told him just to ask the sender to pay that money. In the meantime I checked the website that my lover gave me with the tracking number. After 2 days the site appeared to be completely fake. The so called Malaysian custom guy called me again asking me to transfer money urgently.

    I would like to find a way to get those crazy people fall into their own trap,because I am sure many innocent women are hoping this is true love.
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    Scam. 2 weeks is too quick. You should never have to pay to receive a gift. Why is he sending you money in this form, it's very strange.

    Knowing his face doesn't mean you can find him. So how can he get in trouble? It's a big hassle getting his local police involved and it's hard to prove, they prob won't bother. So... he is playing with that safety net.

    Do yourself a favour and move on. This is pure trouble. Sorry luv, but you should listen to what your senses are telling u.
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    I got scammed once, though nothing to do with my heart thankfully. It took me ages to contact the local authorities there to get some help, and finally I learnt there are actually whole groups of people who sit in a house with multiple phone lines and laptops, running these scams regularly. So u will never get anything back.. They know what they are doing so they are very convincing.
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    Hi everyone

    can i ask what company your boyfriend use when he send you a package?
    i need a reply pls.

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    Please take note,and never send money. I met a guy online who wanted to come to Australia to meet me. He lived in South Africa but was from Congo. We chatted on webcam all the time and on the phone. He couldnt get a visitor visa so I went there to meet him. I went 3 times and the last time with my parents to meet him when he propsed. We were together 18 months when he stopped answering my calls after we supposedly lodged a fiance visa application. All up I spent $40 000 supporting various things he told me about from sick to died relatives to loosing his job needing a new phone so we could talk, to appartment that i could easily stay visiting and to help him pay- which I did to help our relationship. In the end he lied stole the money and didnt come or even place the application leaving me broke and hertbroken. So please be careful, seeing their face on webcam, talking on the phone knowing where they work, and meeting them are all not signs that they arenot scammers. I am an intellegent woman who got caught because I fell in love, and I guess in love with the wrong man.
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    It is better you stop it cos that is the logic they used to scam on the internet. Think about it very well, when you pay that they will still call for another money, it is scam.
  • Has anyone on here had dealings with a man that claims his name is George Harrison and is from Marietta, Ga, He says he is 64 and a widower. He had a daughter named Rebecca who died at age 23. He owns his own business and says he likes to recite poems and poetry. He has 2 more children, son 16 and daughter 20. Thanks, 
  • I have a doubt about my boyfriend from Scotland.. He said he will visit me here in our place and this is my first time to have a boyfriend from online dating site.. What do you think about his message for me?? Please I need your advice.. This is his latest message for me:

    This Sept is my B-day....I will be there with YOU and your family.this is one step to tell u that am a man of my own word's.. How are you baby?. I hope you are doing great right?. My regards to your family. I cant wait to be with you soon.One more thanks so much for coming into my life.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I just want to start by telling you that there is nothing in this world that is more wonderful than love. I just wish you are here cos I love looking at you because you are a joy to behold and as I believe that you have such a beautiful smile when ever I am reading your email..Baby it is GOING TO BE full of warmth and lights up the room. My dear, as I glance through the mails you sent to me,I began to imagine you are here with me and I know that when I see you, I would love the twinkle in your eyes because it would let me know that am not only loved but the object of your passion and desire. As am here alone, I can imagine you and I would appreciate your wonderful figure because with your figure, seeing you in a sexy dress wows me, you are indeed a beautiful lady and a joy to my eyes. Do you know that you have made me feel at ease and even gave me more hope and also more trust in you and I really can't wait to meet up with you my love. I still want to say,thanks so much for coming into my life.

    As I told you from my first email, I am an Engineer and a business man to the core. I love my jobs so much though it’s stressful but very lucrative. In terms of business, I buy some electrical equipment’s and among the things I buy is Marine Chips which are used for many purposes such as Cleaning diamond, for milling of gold, it’s used for the purification of coal which would later turn as liquid and it’s mainly used in some parts of plane, ship etc. Although a lot of people are not aware of its uses and it’s a lot of money. This particular one called Marine Chips which is the main bone of contention in my business. Malaysia is where this Marine Chips can be found very cheap,

    I would love to visit you this Sept for us to celebrate the birthday together and to engage you above all for us to plan for our future together and as well to do my business as well but about my business,I have already done with the order online from here and they will deliver in your address cos willing Asia is duty free..Do that when I come I will have while going back as a hand carry .... which is this month and would like to spend two weeks with you if you don't mind. Just check your programmes and see if it suites you or not with the date I choose ok?. I don't think I would disturb your work in any way. Your wish is always my command baby. Before I book my flight please help me by given me your full name and full address,. I want to really give you a different side of life that you have not experienced before. But remember, am a very jealous human being and that is why I always make my partner more comfortable ......I will stop here now and hoping to hear from you soon.

    Yours one in love and husband to be soon

    Please I need your help and advice so that I will be aware before its too late..
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    This man is definitely not from Scotland firstly he writes like a foreigner , his spelling and his terminology are not that of a Scotsman.
    Secondly the Marine Chips he writes about is nonsense and are also known as the Aqua Chip Scam perpetrated by people who claim to be based or doing business in Malaysia but are in fact scammers from Nigeria. 

     On this site on the right hand side read the emails from Tony and Jeff , they are very similar to the email you received.
    Both Tony and Jeffs emails have identical wording to your email in particular this one.......

    As I told you from my first email, I am an Engineer and a business man to the core. I love my jobs so much though it’s stressful but very lucrative. In terms of business, I buy some electrical equipment’s and among the things I buy is Marine Chips which are used for many purposes such as Cleaning diamond, for milling of gold, it’s used for the purification of coal which would later turn as liquid and it’s mainly used in some parts of plane, ship etc. Although a lot of people are not aware of its uses and it’s a lot of money. This particular one called Marine Chips-4XHG which is the main bone of contention in my business. Malaysia is where this Marine Chips-4XHG can be found very cheap,.........

    I hope you now see this man is a scammer and you should dump him immediately. 
  • guys, i'm facing that situation right now, i got an email from charles miller he said hes from asian kisses..he is a widow with one daughter and he is a seaman at lubeca marine.. after our 2weeks of chatting he ask me my add. which is i gave it to him coz he is going to send a package, and yesterday i got a called and email from custom her name is ELENITA FERNANDDO she said she is OIC she ask me to pay 12,500 peso for taxes coz the package have gadgets inside, she ask me to send it thru western union, and she said that the pagage is in custom davao.   this is the name of the cargo  UNITED LOGISTIC SERVICES under the name of john david and the sender which is my chat mate is CHARLES MILLER..
  • I'm not sure what country you're in, but if customs wants you to pay import duty, then they need to send you an official receipt or some kind of documents. This sounds very fake.
  • Gemz, that sounds like a classic scam. For some reason these guys always seem to say they are widows with a single young child... DON'T send any money. 
  • hi guys, just want to add to this forum, 5 years ago i got scammed, by a guy called george makery, he says he is from california with a 15 yr old son and he is working on a contract, he comes out with the same old blah blah stuff and is very very good at what he does, he goes on dating websites and prays on new people who have joined the site as he know they are very vulnerable, i did report him to the fraud squad but alas no joy, he also uses facebook to collect victims too, and he is still doing it to this day so please please be careful....
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    Hello, I wanted to know has anyone been scammed by a Cameron Paterson? My story goes like this: we met on line in November on a dating website called POF. I had just signed up and he was one of the men who were interested. He told me to set up a IM account and we started IM each other. The next day he deleted his profile and when Ii asked him why, he said he found what he was looking for so he didn't need to use the website any more. After about a week or so he declared his love for me. We still were IM or texting one another, no actual conversations. Then days later we planned to meet but it did not happen because he had to fly to his mom because she was in the hospital. He finally called me telling me he needed $8000 and could he borrow it from me. He mom needed to be transferred to another hospital in NY. I told him I didn't have the money so he asked me to get a loan to help him out if I cared about him. I told him no my credit was bad. I then told him I could fly down to be support for him and he said he loved me for offering that but it was not necessary. He started to badger me for the money and I told him no. After I decided I was done with him he said he was sorry and just desperate. A week went by and he told me about a friend Abrahams that needed money to leave Lagos. He badgered me for $1113 to help his friend out because he had no money because he paid his moms hospital bills. So I decided to help and he promised to come and to pay me back but instead he flew to Lagos to be wih his friend who was dying and in doing so missed his moms funeral. I must tell you he quoted scripture verbatim and I thought he was a Godly man but in the end I ended up sending him a total of $4300 for different things because once he got to Lagos he was stuck there because of the BTA and he needed help to get back home. He gave me flight information that was incorrect and when I went to pick him up from the airport he never came. Two months later he finally contacted me with some excuse why he wasn't on the plane and how he need more money because he was attacked and his money stolen. We talked about going to Italy and getting married there and adopting children. Needless to say, he is still begging for money and professing his love everyday. He asked that I wait for him and not to date other men just be calm and patient. He has tried manipulation by saying he is starving and that I have no idea how horrible that place is. He refuses to tell me anything about himself and that he wants to tell me everything once we are together. He even had a fake lawyer send me email stating how he would help him get home if I sent money to him but when I asked for a reference number so I could validate the lawyers legitimacy- the lawyer got mad and refused to help him because I insulted him. So now he wants another $2400 so he can come to me (his true love). I'm thinking I will never get my money back or even see him. I'm pretty sure this is a scam, what do you all think???
  • Gemz , I have lived in several countries and to the best of my knowledge customs always contact you by letter and they do not ask you to send money via western union. I am assuming you are in the Phillipines so you may not be aware that this is a scam and I agree whole heartedly with Ella and Anya DO NOT send him any money and stop all contact with him immediately.

    Suebee, you are right you will never get your money back it is a scam you should stop  communicating with this man 

  • Hi, Girls. I also experienced this exactly same package story. A person "Terry Smith" from UK sent me a message on website "Hi five" abt month ago and I gave him my LINE ID so we started having conversation. Few days ago he asked me for my address, email and phone number so he could send me a gift. Then he sent me an email said he also put 7000pounds in that gift and he gave me a courier website and tracking numbers. I was shocked and I think that must be a joke because who will do this stupid thing to send cash like 7000pounds to someone never met. Then I googled and found this is actually a cam. The other day I got notified that if I dont pay that fake courier company 1230 USD and I will not receive that 7000 pounds sent by this scammer because this 7000pounds are on hold by Malaysian custom.I really hate this so I was hoping to report this to police and hope they can arrest them but I found that I cant report to my local police they wont accept the crime happened in other country. I had reported this to IC3 and interpol but I dont get any response. I am even pretending I will send them money so I have got their account details for the police to arrest them.


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    Below is our conversation history on LINE app( This is just part of it, No defense. and I am just too angry so I wanted to piss him off by insulting his country like that)

    Mon, 06/01/2014
    00:31 terry Hi honey.  I just came back home now.  I spent some time with my parents because some relatives came to their home.  I'm gonna take a nap abit because I feel tired.  I wish u sweet dream and good night.  I miss u so much too.
    00:31 terry [Sticker]
    08:15 MoMo [Sticker]
    14:11 terry Hi. Good morning.  I just woke up. How re u?
    14:11 terry I have something to tell u. Pls send me message when u re free
    15:08 MoMo "Hi, im good thanks!
    What to tell me?(haha)"
    15:16 terry U re welcome
    15:17 terry  I wanna tell u that I bought some gifts for u yesterday when I went shopping.  I bought a rose flower, teddy bear and necklace for u. I hope that u like it?
    15:18 MoMo [Sticker]
    15:18 MoMo Thank you very much!
    15:23 terry U re welcome
    15:24 terry Honey u know that I am traveling today to italy?
    15:25 MoMo Yes I know. Have a safe trip!
    15:30 terry Thanks honey
    15:31 terry Honey pls send me ur name and address and phone number to my email . I will send ur gifts before I travel.  I want u to always hug my teddy bear.
    15:35 MoMo Okay!
    15:36 terry Thanks honey.  Pls send it now
    15:41 MoMo It has sent
    15:41 terry Ok honey.  I will check.  Thank u so much
    15:42 MoMo Thank you!
    17:34 terry U re welcome
    17:35 terry Do u have any plans after finish working?
    17:36 MoMo No Im going home
    17:42 MoMo What time is your flight today?
    18:08 terry I see. My flight time is at 0530pm in the evening
    18:08 terry I miss u so much
    18:32 terry [Sticker]
    22:20 terry Hi honey.  I am going to the airport soon.  I have already sent ur gifts.  I will let u know when I arrive in italy ok?
    23:20 MoMo Ok! Have a nice trip please!(blush)
    23:20 MoMo [Sticker]
    23:25 terry Thanks honey


  • Tue, 07/01/2014
    08:03 terry Hi honey. I am already in italy and in my hotel now. I will go to sleep.  Text u later when I wake up.  I miss u
    08:29 MoMo [Sticker]
    12:47 terry Hi honey.  Hope u slept well? I sent u an email.  Pls check ur email. I will go back to sleep.
    14:00 MoMo [Sticker]
    15:04 terry Honey have u read the email?
    16:07 MoMo Yes I have
    16:14 MoMo But 7000pounds is a lot of money
    16:50 terry Yes honey I know it's lots of money but I dont wanna lack anything when I come.  I really want us to have good time together
    16:50 MoMo [Sticker]
    16:50 terry I am sorry for not telling u that I was going to send u some money. I just thought about that when I was going to send the gifts because I can't access my credit card in another country. I put it in security for England use only
    16:50 MoMo I just finished work now
    16:51 terry I also wanted to show u that I was serious in coming to meet u. Honey pls always track the gifts and let me know when u receive it ok?
    16:51 MoMo Alright(blush)
    16:54 terry How was ur working today?
    16:54 terry I am at the seminar now.  I will text u when I have free time ok? I miss u(blowkiss)
    16:56 MoMo I was working outside all day today(half dead)
    16:56 MoMo Ok have a nice day
    16:56 terry [Sticker]
  • Wed, 08/01/2014
    01:48 terry Hi honey.  How was ur day? I just got back to my hotel from seminar now. I feel so tired and will go to sleep early.  I guess u re sleeping now.  Have a good night and sweet dreams.  I miss u
    09:17 terry Hi honey.  Good morning.  I just got a call from the courier just now.  They said that the gifts has problem in malaysia because of the money inside it. They sent us email.  Can u check ur email? I am very worried now(worried)
    09:17 terry (blue)(blue)(blue)
    09:29 MoMo Oh thats bad. I have checked my email
    09:32 terry Did u understood what they wrote?
    09:32 terry Honey im very sorry for bringing problems to u(blue)
    09:32 terry I didn't know that I have to put a clearing certificate before sending money inside a gift.  It's my first time and I had no idea about it
    09:33 terry I was just trying to make u happy(blue)
    09:34 MoMo Thats fine
    09:34 terry They said they have to get the clearing certificate before they can get it cleared out
    09:35 terry The amount is 1230usd . I don't have access to my account from here and I dont know how I'm gonna settle the problem(blue)
    09:37 terry Honey can u pls help me settle the payment to them?  So that they can get the gifts cleared out and deliver it safely to u. I will pay u back pls. Once u receive the gifts u can take back the money that u spent for these problem from the money that I put inside the gifts ok? Pls honey
    09:43 MoMo Yea but how I pay the money?
    09:46 terry Ok. Wait honey.  I will call them and ask them to send us email on how u can make payment ok?
    09:53 MoMo Ok
    10:01 terry I just called them now and they will send us email on how to make payment
    10:08 terry Honey they have sent us the payment information.  Pls check ur email ok?
    10:15 terry They said u should send them the scan copy of the deposit slip after u finish making the payment.  U can easily take photo of the slip with ur phone and send to their email ok?
    10:34 MoMo Ok
    10:52 terry Thanks honey.  Pls let me know when u send the payment to them ok?
    11:23 MoMo [Sticker]
    11:31 terry Honey pls try to settle the payment to them today ok?
    11:36 MoMo Alright, I will go to the bank during lunch time.
    11:38 terry Ok. Thanks honey
    11:38 terry [Sticker]
    13:47 terry Hi honey.  I just woke up. Have u sent the payment to them already?
    14:12 MoMo Oh no that bank was too full I couldnt make it. I will try another one later
    14:18 terry When will u try honey?
    14:34 MoMo I will try to go out again later around 4pm. I hope i could make it. Today im super busy(blue)
    14:34 MoMo Is this very urgent? Do you have other friend can help you to do this first?
    14:35 MoMo Im afriad i couldnt make it before the bank closed
    14:36 terry I see.  It's not very urgent honey.  U can do it tomorrow morning ok?
    14:37 terry I don't have any friend that can help me. Pls dont worry for today.  U can do it tomorrow ok?
    14:37 terry What time does ur bank close?
    14:38 MoMo 5:30
    14:38 MoMo Alright I will do it either today or tmr morning
    14:42 terry Ok honey.
    14:56 terry I'm going downstairs to have breakfast and after that get ready for seminar.  Pls dont stress today
  • Momo, you do not say what country Terry is from. Are you still in touch with him?

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