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Traveling with children in Vietnam

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I am planning a trip to Vietnam with my wife and two young kids. Wondering if anyone else has done a trip to Vietnam with children, and any suggestions or tips to make it into a great experience. Are there are health concerns for young kids, like malaria or diseases that we need to plan for? Which areas have got the most attractions for kids, as we might spend only a few nights in the big cities like HCMC or Hanoi but want more time in the more rural, traditional Vietnam. Halong Bay is obviously on the itinerary, but I also like the sound of Cat Ba island for a few days.

Suggestions or advice please!


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    Dear Sir,

    As per your request, I would like to recommend you are as follows:

    May I know how long you travel in Vietnam?

    I suggest you: 4 Nights in Sai Gon
    3 Nights in Hanoi
    3 Nights in Hue and Hoi An.
    1 Night on the boat and 2 or 3 Nights in Catba Island.

    Pls contact us for more information>

    Best Cruises Vietnam
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    Hey Bestcruises. Thanks for the info. Please explain how that itinerary will work well for a trip with young kids. I also specifically asked for ideas that excluded the big cities as they won't suit a 2-year old.
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    Dear DavidF,

    May I know your email, then my staff will send it to u.

    Best Regards,

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    Hey Stefan! Post the info here please, I drop in all the time, and others can also benefit from your expert input. Thank you kindly...
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    I am joining the same question.
    plan to travel around Vietnam with 1.5 years old kid, during October.
    is it good timing for Vietnam?

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    Yes, looking to do the same with 7 and 5 year old plus a 15 year old. Where and what (Bestcruises) would you recommend to go and do? [email protected]
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    I suggest you browse our guide to Vietnam here, which has info on all there is to see and do, as well as weather/climate info to help with your planning:
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    Checked the link provided and there is really a lot of useful and detailed information given here in this guide if one is planning trip to Vietnam. Thanks for sharing the link DavidF. I have heard a lot about Halong Bay and cruising in this bay is a magical experience that one shouldn’t miss.
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