How to get visa to travel to egypt

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Hello we are planning to visit egypt in may 2011 , we are usa residents but me and my husband have bosnian passports and our kids have american . me and my husband also have green cards . do we need visas and where do we get them from? how long does it take


  • you just need visa from airport that is all and do not take time
    and we can also make this serves in Cairo airport
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    thank you very much for your reply. Do you by any chance know if tourists can enter Egypt now after the protests ? tx
  • yes they can enter Egypt .. and No problem in that
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    i am female, filipino and work in saudi arabia as nurse.every year my hospital will give as 1 month vacation
    and i want to go egypt on july to see the pyramid of geza
    and have some pictures. is it possible that i can be granted
    a tourist visa, i have to pay my ticket on april 3, otherwise my reservation would be cancelled.
    i am worried cos if i pay my ticket and embassy will not give me visa , my ticket would be not refundable
    and i would lost some money
    hope u can give me some advisement...
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    i am a new member. i signed in to this site because i want to travel egypt
    on july 16. i am nurse, working in riyadh. and i want to know if it is dificult
    to get visa to egypt??do i need a bank statement for visa application.??
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    hi lilian, please advise me your nationality as it is published on your passport. because most nationalities get the entry visa upon arrival to cairo airport while a few must apply to the egyptian embassy in their countries before coming to Egypt.
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    i am filipino
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    hi filipino guest, you have to get the entry visa to Egypt before your arrival. Kindly fill the application form from the Egyptian Embassy in your country
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    what documents besides having a valid US passport do i need in order to obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at Cairo Airport? also, do you know if the airline companies flying into Egypt require a visa prior to check-in/boarding, or do they follow consulate guidelines/regulations about obtaining a visa at Egypt and not needing to have one before travel?
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    to chan holding US passport, you will obtain the entry visa to Egypt once you arrive to Cairo Airport.
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    Hi I'm from the UK but my husband is Tunisian resident of the UK, we would like to holiday in Egypt next year but a struggling to find advice about visas. Can you advise?
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    hi josie jo, it is preferrable for your husband to get the entry visa to Egypt before his arrival. he has to go the Egyptian Embassy in UK, Apply for the visa and get it before arrival.
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    I am an Ecuadorian citizen and living in Saudi Arabia. I would like to know if I need to apply for a tourist visa for a planned diving trip of 4 days in Egypt or if I can get the visa upon arrival. Many thanks for your help.
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    Hi there,

    We are a group of Brazilian citizens excitted about the posibility of visint Egypt in October, since we will be on a trip before we would like to know if its possible for brazilians to a get a tourist visa on Cairo airport? We intent to stay for 10 days also would like to visit Sharm El-Shaik. Any information is much appreciated! Thank you! Shoukran
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    Hello Maria, AS you are holding ecuadorian passport so, you don't need to apply for the visa in Saudi Arabia. u will buy it upon your arrival in cairo airport for 15.00 USD
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    hello habiba, concerning the entry visa to Egypt. As you are holding brazilian passports, so you will get the entry visa once you arrive to Cairo Airport for 15.00 USD Per Person.

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    we are south africans. can we get a tourist visa on arrival at cairo airport?
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    sure you can and it cost 15 USD
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    i am an indian citizen came to dubai on tourist visa(my husband has dubai residence visa) last month and plan to visit Ezypt in this week. Could anyone help by giving the info like

    1) Do we ( me and my husband) need to apply priorly for the entry/visit/tourist visa in order to get into Egypt?

    2) Can we buy/get the entry visas directly at the cairo airport? if so, how many days can we stay with that?

    Please updte me asap.. Thanks in Advance!
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    Hi there

    Can anyone advise me please as im travelling to Egypt from the uk and want to know can i buy a visa at Cario airport and enter the country the same day?
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    hi! i am Filipina, from the Philippines... my friend in egypt were invite me to go there in their country and have some tour there... i would like to know is...what would i do to get visa in Egypt? is there any show money or bank statements ?or any supporting papers? and how much should i pay in applying fo visa in Egypt? i want to know please... Thank You so much....
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    hi-- I am a US Citizen with a US Passport. I will be coming to Cairo from Nairobi. May I still get a 30 day visa upon arrival at 7:00am or does it matter from where I am coming? Thanks.
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    i am a Filipino who s married to an Egyptian man,,,
    i am planning to migrate in Egypt,
    so what are the procedure that i will do and the requirements?
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    Planing on going to Cairo and other parts the end of the month(27/10 - 6/11).. where do i get a Visa? is it advisable to get one before i go or at the Cairo airport. i am traveling with a south african passport.

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    Hi there, we are travelling to egypt from the uk but i hold slovakian passport and my partner uk passport. Do we need visa before entering egypt or is it fine to ask for visa on airport in Egypt?

    Thank you
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    hi guys, i really hope you can advise me.. i am a british born afghani/pakistani and i am visiting cairo on the 13/11/2011 with my best friend.. we will be staying in cairo for 11 days for sight seeing and a friends wedding.. i have been soooo rushed off my feet as everything was just last min and forgot to apply for a visa!! can i obtain a visa from the cairo airport?? i have been told ever since the revolution the regulations have changed.. i really hope this is not the case as i have paid for my ticket and accomadations!!! i would appreciate any advice you could give me.. thankyou
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    I am U.S. Citizen Male and will be traveling with a female Philippine citizen what is required for both of us to enter to egypt to go to sharm el sheikh and cairo. Please advise me what to do.
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    Hi I am an Australian and am currently living in England on a two year visa. Will I need to apply for a Egyptian visa before entering the country or can I do it on arrival? Also I am flying into Amman in Jordan - will that be a different process?

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    Kk No problem , you can get The visa upon arrival from Cairo airport if you need any help don't hesitate to contact me
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    Merc For the USA No problem but she must take a visa from her country before she arrive Egypt
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