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Getting money changed when i arrive at Enfidah Airport

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My Husband and I are going to Hammamet in August from the UK, we arrive at Enfidah Airport at 23.25 and i know we have to get our money changed when we arrive. Will there be money exchange booths open at this time as I know the Hotel we are staying at only change money at certain times so we are not able to do this when we get there. We are all inclusive but i wish to be able to tip the porter when we arrive and i am not sure if they take sterling for tips. Thanks


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    Ok i have just read advice saying to avoid changing money at airports and hotels as they charge a lot. So were is the best place to do this in Hammamet? We are staying at the Les Orangers Beach resort. I know alot of people staying there tip at the end of the holiday i am getting stress about the money thing i normally sort this out before going on holiday. I really do not get why Tunisia do not allow people to get their money before entering the country.
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    Tracy - I am fairly sure that the exchange booths will be open, however, there are ATMs at the airport and you could withdraw just enough to get you by for a day or so. Please don't stress in regard to the money. The hotels and airports charge only nominally more than banks etc. it is hardly noticeable as the government sets the exchange rate!! Our currency is closed and is therefore not available outside the country and it is illegal to take it out of the country. This will change in the future once we recover from the revolution and the economy is once again stable. It would be suicide for us financially now if our money was on the open market to be honest with you. However, I am sure this is only a very minor problem for you and you will very much enjoy your holiday with us. Just to let you know that depending on when you arrive it may be Ramadan so just keep this in mind.
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    Ok thanks Lesley . We arrive on the 3rd of August. How will Ramadan effect our holiday i have read advice about dressing modestly when leaving the Hotel will it affect shops and bars and our hotel is all inclusive will I still be able to get food and drink in the day? If I can i feel sorry for the poor Chefs and waiters having to see to us, it must be so hard for them. Thanks for the help.
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    me and my partner are going to hotel royal kenz in september is weather ok and hotel nice
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    Tracy - Ramadan shouldn't affect you too much, it starts around August 11th but we won't know until a couple of days before hand. I dont think alcohol will be available from the supermarkets but as for the rest you probably won't notice. Yes, give a thought for the rest of us and as it is hot we tend to get a bit tetchy!! So be patient and understanding and don't drink/smoke or eat in the street.
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    Nelly - the Royal is a good hotel, the weather is hot!! Depending on the dates of your holiday you could also be in Tunisia for part of Ramadan
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