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Is Venezulela safe for tourists?

Is it safe to visit Venezuela, given the political tensions between US and Chavez? Is there any hostility towards westerners or resentment? I have heard that crime rate is very low, but political violence can flare up at any time. What's the deal - is Venezuela safe and recommended for a family to visit ? Thank you ..


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    I have been to Margarita Island four times , the last being in 2008. The people are fantastic. I had a great time. Stayed at the Hotel Golden Paradise. Quiet and nice and very inexpensive. They speak very little english so it is best if you do speak spanish at the least a little, but also there are many tourists at this hotel from Denmark and a few other english speaking countries so converstaions will be available, but the staff is pretty much spanish speaking. There is one lady that works in the office --- or did work there--- that spoke english.
    The food is a buffet style and is delicious. I really enjoyed every minute there. BUT I would be some concerned with the political problems now. When I was there it was very peaceful and calm. Now I cannot say.
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    No doubt Venezuela is a country which is constantly under political turmoil but I don’t think it will affect tourists visiting. But do make sure to make list of places which are severely affected and avoid visiting them.
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    I spent a month in Venezuela this past winter, and my husband is from there. I would say it is safe to visit, but only if you use caution. For example, I would not recommend any one of you walking around alone, even during the day, since kidnappings are unfortunately not uncommon. Also, I would recommend not wearing flashy jewelry or carrying valuables around with you, especially at night. If all you carry around is a disposable camera and a few bolivares, probably no one will bother you. At night, either stay in or only go out with Venezuelans you trust. Venezuela is so incredibly beautiful and full of wonderful, fun people, so it would be a shame to let a few criminals keep you away, but just take extra caution to stay together or with people you trust. Also, I didn't encounter any issues concerning political turmoil, but just follow 2 simple rules and you'll be fine - stay away from any political demonstrations and keep your opinions to yourself. As far as personal experience, I did not walk around alone or carry valuables and had no problems. My husband got robbed twice (but not hurt), because he likes to always have his digital camera and iphone and wads of cash with him and sit out by the street at night, and because he is overly trusting. Go enjoy Venezuela (especially it's beaches- wow), but please use common sense.
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