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Travelling through Nepal

edited February 2011 in India and Asia
Hi, I will be volunteering in Nanda Devi National Park India and then in the Chitwan Region in Nepal in Oct/ Nov this year and have to make my own way, could anyone suggest the best way of doing this as I am a first timer and want to be sensible but brave at the same time to maximise my travelling experience? Many thanks, Clare.


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    Nepal is an ideal place for trekking. You should take the services to the local travel guide to make your tour memorable.
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    Hi Clare,

    Visiting Chitwan National Park in Oct/Nov is the best time, not too hot.

    Visiting there by flight or by road ?

    3nights 4 days will be the better package. If you come to Kathmandu you can take a tourist bus, private cat or flight to Bhadrapur, then staff from the Hotel of Chitwan will pick you up at the airport or bus station and take you to the hotel. Car can go straight in the hotel, no pick up is required.

    Or need any assistance email me at [email protected]
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    Hi Clare,
    This is resma from nepal. I think it is good for you to do volunteering in Nepal . I have orphanage Home, where there are 15 children who lost their parents. theu need your love and care.
    As well as doing small trekking which is start from Pokhara and end in pokhara is good for you.
    please here is my e- mail for more information: [email protected]
    with best regards
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    I've never been to this place and thank you for this thread. Now i know.
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