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Namibia advice for trip in June/July

hi all.

I'm off to Namibia in June/July to volunteer on a cheetah/conservation reserve ( okonjima ) just wandered if anyone can give me some info on weather over there at that time of year. so many sites say different things. I've read mostly highs of around 20*c with averages of 15. and lows of 0*c or less at night. is this right ? also I've been advised to have my polio/tetnis/hep a+b/rabies vaccines as well as take malaria tablets. anyone got any advice on what's the best malaria treatment to take ? im not bothered if it costs more if its better. any advice is great




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    Hi Adam

    You are correct with the weather, this is what it states in brochures plus I have phoned Namibia and spoke to a lady there and she mentioned the same temperature as my friend and I are doing a voluntary work with animals as well but a different one to also in June/July.

    You should already be having your jabs check with your doctor or The Travel Doctor in your state, they will give you the info on what you need.

    You can claim some of the money back from your private health fund, if you have one.

    Hope this may helped somewhat.

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    Hi Adam

    My daughter is going to Namibia June/July this year and we have been advised thet Malarone is the best Malaria tablet as it has the lease side effects, it is best to get a private perscription from your doctor and buy them from the web as they vary in cost greatly, i have found them for £2.15 per tablet at Hope you have a gereat time out there

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    I am living in South Africa, and I have been to Namibia a couple of times. During the Winter you do not have to worry about Malaria, which is June/July.

    The weather during the day will be excellent, at night it can get pretty cold. But 1 jacket will sort you out. Leave the ski gear at home, this is Africa.
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    The big myth. Even if you take malaria tablets you still can get malaria. The best way to avoid malaria is to spary yourself with mosquito spray, wear long clothes to cover your body around sunrise and sunset. If you have aircon in your room put it on a low temperature as the mosquitoes don't like that and spray yoursef before you go to bed.
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    Travelers have to protect themselves from malaria disease if traveling to the malaria infested zones. So they should always take necessary malaria preventions as avoiding all the bites of mosquitoes is almost impossible. It is better to take anti malaria tablets if traveling to such areas as Malaria is a life threatening disease.
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