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Safety in Argentina

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Hi all,

I am planning to visit Argentina in 2011, to visit a penpal over there, i have known for quite some time...I am eagre to go, but, stories of Europeans being kiddnapped for ransom etc in South America kinda makes me skeptical...Im not usually a nervous kinda guy, and am quite well travelled around countrys in Europe. But i thought id try and get an answer from someone that has experienced Argentina first hand....


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    Most people will tell you La Boca or Retiro or Once are the most dangeours neighbourhoods in Argentina, but it really matters more as to how you hold yourself. If you are smart, watch your back and be careful (but not overtly worried or jumpy) you should be fine in most areas. At the same time, if you are dumb and loud and flash around your money or camera out in the open, you can get robbed no matter where you are. I know people who lived in the "bad" areas but were fine, and I know others who lived in the "nicer" areas (Palermo and Recoleta) and still got robbed because they didn't use common sense. So, as long as you are careful, you shouldn't have many problems in BA. Hey, at least it is safer than Rio!
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    We are currently in Argentina with an apartment for one month in San Telmo. The building is well maintained and the apartments are very clean. There are 2 swimming pools on the roof as well as a 360 degree view of the city. Everything is a short walk. San Telmo market (fabulous), city tour bus, regular buses, taxis, bike rentals, Puerto Madero ( a great stroll anytime) and much more. We come and go at all hours usually by taxi at night because of our age but we walk or take local buses during the day. . We saw one bicycle guy try to grab a very visable camera but he was unsuccessful as the woman had a good hold on it. Like everyone has said -- It is safe but like everywhere else you should be aware and modest with your possessions. We really enjoy our building as it has a 24 hour guarded lobby and a locked surrounding gate. We have a key but usually the guard sees us before can get our key in the gate. We rented one bedroom with beds for 4 for about $1000 US for the month of March 2011. Our contact was [email protected] He is the building administrator and you have his phone number at all times if you need any help. He speaks excellent English. We have a full kitchen, laundry area, living area, seperate bedroom, bathroom and balcony. Also WIFI. We have rented a car and gone on a couple of day trips as well as a 4 day trip to mineral spa in Uraguay.
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    Here are some safety tips that you should follow when you are in Argentina to have a safe visit there. All in all Argentina is a good and safe place to visit and explore, so enjoy your holiday there. See the Word Travels guide to safety in Argentina.
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    My boyfriend and I have been here for 5 months. He went to culinary school here but is from Ecuador and I am American. Despite we know the city and speak Spanish, we are looked upon as foreigners. Targets. You will be fine just follow basic safety rules. Don't flash your wealth, don't hang out in sketchy areas after dark, take cabs at night. Be Aware. You don't have to be paranoid but very aware of the people around you. When walking alone, where is the last police officer you walked past? Or well lit restaurant? Is someone specifically crossing the street in your direction? Are you smushed up on a bus with both hands in the air holding on? not smart. Eventually it will become something natural you learn traveling. Best of luck to you and I hope your trip was a blast!
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    I would avoid it altogether. It's not safe at all.
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    Nothing as you said happened in sequence but it happened rarely now its very rare and very difficult to happen like that. So u can freely enjoy ur trip without any thoughts like this :)
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