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Dual nationality SA & Brit

edited July 2011 in - Southern Africa
Howzit I wonder if anyone knows how the system works since South Africans have to obtain a visa to visit the UK? My Son has dual nationality thru his Mom. If he wants to to travel to the UK he has to leave on his SA Passport and enter the UK on his Brit passort right? So, how do the irlines and or immigration allow you to leave SA on a SA passport without a visa stamped in your SA passort for the UK? Seems like a major problem this. Any advise would be appreciated. Regards


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    If your son has dual nationality with both SA and UK passports then why not depart SA and arrive UK on his UK passport only? I know as a SA citizen you are SUPPOSED to use your SA passport, but I'll bet the immigration guys in SA at the airport will not even blink. By so doing he gets around the need for thr UK visa.
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    As Jambo has said, travel on your UK Passport. Both of these countries recognise dual citizenship so its absolutely no problem having both passports. I am in the same situation I have SA and UK passport, I live in SA and when I travel to the UK I use my UK passport when leaving but carry my SA one to show my right to residence in SA. As long as you have both on you, there is no need for visas and they won't bat an eyelid.
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    thanks a lot for all these comments i really needed to know this and im happy you guys know from experience and not in some office at home affairs not knowing what is going on! so much wrong advice.
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    I am applying for uk naturalization and want to keep my sa passport , what would i need to do ????
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