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I am going for a Cruise Does I need a Visa for TURKEY

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I am having Indian Passport and currently I am in Spain having Spanish resident card which is valid till March 2012. I am planning to take a cruise which goes to Greece and Turkey. Cruise covers only one port of Turkey and Cruise will stay there for not more then one day.

In this case do i need to take the Visa for Turkey?

Does anybody have faced this type of situation? Please help me.

Thanks a lot


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    As far as I am aware you are classed as a transit passenger so don't need a visa if your stay is less than 72 hours but do check with either your cruise company or the Turkish Embassy.

    As you have a visa for Spain if you do need a tourist visa I would think it will be the usual one available at point of entry. There is a thread on the Turkish forum with information for Indian passport holders.
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